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Today's coaching... let's talk about sex. To be clear, sex is not Love. Love is so much more than sex. Sex can be an expression of Love, but it can also be something that clouds your judgement and makes you stay in a relationship waaaaaay to long. Cardinal Rule when looking for your Soulmate: no sex before a monogamous commitment. If asking him to commit to you scares him away, CELEBRATE that you respected yourself enough to not sleep with someone who doesn't value you. You are worth a monogamous commitment. Make him #EarnIt and make sure that you feel 💯safe in the relationship. Safe is Sexy.

Your assignment for today.

When you compare yourself to other people you miss the miracle of who you're supposed to be. #UseInstagramSafely

Leave a comment and let me know - what would be possible if you chose to doubt your doubt and trust your higher wisdom?

A delay is not a denial.

You don't need anyones permission but your own. #ShineOnFriend #ThisIsYourLife #DecideToTakeItBack #AndStayBright

So you think you know what "your purpose" is, huh? It has nothing to do with comparison, your job, how much money you make or how successful you can become. We've got to go deeper. Who inspires you to live your purpose? Tag them below and let them know. #Purpose #SoulTribe💯🔥🙏🏻👍🏻

Celebrate! You've been given the gift of another day of life. How are you going yo use it?




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