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Accept the moment, and you will Love the moment. Accept yourself and you willl Love yourself. Accept others and you will Love others. Accept the world and you will Love the world. Once you accept something, once you Love something, then you can help it grow. Until there is Love, growth cannot happen.

Love is a choice to grow through it, together. Tag someone you love. #SendLove

Instead of pointing out all the ways someone else should change, focus on yourself. When you stay in your lane, you take your power back. #StayInYourLane

Coaching for today... Day not going as planned? I want you to know that you matter to me. You are awesome. And I want to help you turn it around... fast. Here's how. After you watch this quick coaching video, tag all the people you're grateful for and tell 'em why. One of the fastest ways to make your day better is to make someone else's day better. I'm grateful for you 🙏🏻🙏🏻Who are you grateful for? 🙌🏻🔥❤️😇🙏🏻

Asking "Why me?" is a toxic question that holds you back and can never be fully answered. Instead focus on what you can control and learn the spiritual lesson.

Today's Coaching for you: Surrender is a powerful moment when you tap into a Power Greater than you. You aren't giving up, you're giving in to something greater. #LetGo

It's time to turn the page.

When it comes to romantic love, know this: You are worthy of all the good stuff. Being treated with love, respect and kindness. To be cherished. To be a priority. To feel safe. To feel valued. To feel safe. To be nurtured. Never compromise your intuition. If you want someone to value you, you must value yourself first. #YouAreWorthIt #YouAreWorthy

Take action from your Soul.

Today's coaching... let's talk about sex. To be clear, sex is not Love. Love is so much more than sex. Sex can be an expression of Love, but it can also be something that clouds your judgement and makes you stay in a relationship waaaaaay to long. Cardinal Rule when looking for your Soulmate: no sex before a monogamous commitment. If asking him to commit to you scares him away, CELEBRATE that you respected yourself enough to not sleep with someone who doesn't value you. You are worth a monogamous commitment. Make him #EarnIt and make sure that you feel 💯safe in the relationship. Safe is Sexy.

Your assignment for today.

When you compare yourself to other people you miss the miracle of who you're supposed to be. #UseInstagramSafely

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