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  'the problems that you suffer from/are problems that you make/the shit we have to climb through/is the shit we choose to take'

Karlian Mercado,7, holds a frame of family photographs on the foundation of her destroyed home in Hayales De Coamo, Puerto Rico. I love my Puerto Rican people and know their strength and fire will stand up to this incredible catastrophe, but they need help now! I have family on the island going through this and it feels weirdly hollow that all we can do to help is donate but that is what we can do so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE! I don't have tell you where, reputable charities and services can be found easily. Anything you can give, anywhere you can. Really. #ilovepuertorico #donatetopuertorico #gente #boricua

This asshole gives assholes a bad name... #fucktrump #boycottnfl #fucktrumpforever #resist

I once saw Walter Becker in a tiny airport in Northern California. The people I was traveling with didn't notice him, they noticed me acting like a nervous preteen girl. He was alone. A lumpy older gent with a mock turtleneck tucked into his slacks but, to me, he was a towering giant. To nerds of my kind, those that value arcane sci-fi references and laugh with delight at odd chord progressions, he was an architect of smarter music and art and ideas, of disciplined virtuosity that demanded careful attention yet at the same time understood the importance of the unabashedly silly and naughty and the very fucking funky... I grew up on Steely Dan, constantly learning and picking up references in the music and lyrics to this day. I feel the loss of a kind of older brother, a kindred spirit who hipped me to things and sounds that branched out through art, literature, subcultures, music, drugs, individuality...all the things that made life better... Thanks, man. #rip

The orange worm's anus on top of a pile of rotten tapioca festering in the fucking White House thinks he can tell someone they are not fit to DIE for this country because he does not approve of how they define THEMSELVES...!? #fucktrump #fuckhate #fuckstupidity #fuckscapegoatingvulnerableminorities #fuckthisshittygovernment

Yes, that is @plargepro djing and rapping one the great hip hop songs ever. This song and the whole record meant/means so much to me. Main Source's record Splitting Atoms is a seminal and evergreen document of an early golden era of rap. This moment brought me back to great times and memories, almost like hearing again for the first time. Thanks LP! #mainsource #realhiphop #producersproducer

The absolutely singular force that is Kembra Pfahler @kembrapfahler_ making her grand entrance with The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black at @lethalamounts Her strange and intense energy is palpable, exciting and weirdly nourishing. #performanceartist #tvhokb #kembrapfahlerrules

The great @gregro01 with @wstska at @levittlosangeles Incredible!!!

My hero, the legendary Angelo C. Moore @drmaddvibe with @wstska and @thejoeyaltruda at @levittlosangeles No matter how down I may be at any given time, ska is and has always lightened my soul, taken my mind from troubles, put a smile on my face and gotten my feet jumping. Thanks ska! #ska4life #fishbone #wstska #hero

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