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Mastermind  AFTERNOONS (2p-7p) @935TheMove Toronto! T-Dot! The 6ix! Made some albums...Made some Mixtapes...Comin' Live From The Screwface!! #MastermindSince1987

3 Generations Of Brown (Punjabi) Boyz repping T-Dot Hip-Hop @illkidricochet @nav 🙌🏾Congrats to the young gun from the REX on everything he’s accomplished!! When I introduced myself and he said “Wait..THE Mastermind?!?” I was like 👀 “Oh, you know who I am?!” And he went on to tell me about all my mixtapes and genuinely seemed excited I was there, which was super humbling! Many times I feel some of the new kids don’t care to know who was here before them paving the way and this was a pleasant surprise!! Keep doing it son!! 👳🏽‍♂️👊🏽💪🏽 OnlyThingMissingFromThisPicIsREMG 😂 @jonjonramos #AlsoHilariousThatImHoldingUpA1NavA2AndRickyA3 🤣🤣🤣

Had @diddy’s yute @kingcombs pass through the studio yesterday...Nice kid!! Told him how I was in his dad’s first Bad Boy Ent offices back in ‘93 before they were even finished...He told me pops was on his ass heavy about doing chores and homework and keeping the crib super clean 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽

Found this in an old folder and I actually don’t recall when this is from (2011-2013?) but since my guy is all sorts of on fire right now...Why not drop it off here 😎 Pee & The Glove! #IfYouEverMeetHimCallHimTheGloveHeLikesThat

The #MadeInTorontoTakeover will forever be cemented as one of my favourite initiatives I’ve ever done in my career (and I’ve done a lot) and I can’t wait until we launch the nightly version #ComingSoon!!!

Hey @kevinhart4real thanks for the jokes #irresponsibletour2018 and looking forward to seeing you again July 21st at the ACC and please come by @935themove for the interview!! #PanPanPanPaaaaaaaaa #ThatsTheDJSoundEffect #WePlayMonopolyToo

The #MadeInToronto shirts kinda dope stillllllllll

🤔🤔🤔 It’s Kinda Facts tho!!!

#TB to when @bunrigo put me on the cover of his dope-ass magazine #Pound when #Volume50 was about to drop...Thanks to the gawd @bigghostltd for sending this to me (the fact that HE has this in his archives is mind blowing to say the least!) and I giggled out loud reading some of the interview...I really was on my BS talking that talk...Shouts to @stevecarty for the photo shoot (I’m in his book too) This was just outside Play De on Yonge while I sat on the curb as traffic zoomed by...Wild that a young Brown (Punjabi) kid who loved HipHop was able to do all this! #ContraryToRecentClaimsIWasTheFirstBrownBoyToGetItPoppin (and @russellpeters too lol) Also a giant salute to @big_c1 and @duanewatson who made the Virgin/EMI deal a reality.

Much respect to some of my friends who have three or more daughters...You’re the real MVP’s!! I have one, and today she turns 19!! WOW!! There’s a fine line between being strict and chill as well as a very fine line between being over-protective and just protective enough...Nothing can prepare you for having kids but if one of your kids is a daughter...Jeeze!!! The scowl on my face in this picture is the one that any/all dudes who come into her life that I meet will be met with 🤷🏽‍♂️

Lemme say that the @djpremier remix for #7Days is hands down one of my favourite remixes of all time and it was dope to link up with @craigdavid again...Prolly been 2001 since I’ve seen him...Humble, genuine and a super talent. Thanks for coming through and chopping it up

Back in ‘93 I visited my friend @big_c1 in his BMG offices down at the corner of Richmond and John and as per usual he would play me stuff that was going to come out in the next few months...This is when BMG just signed Bad Boy and he got a sampler tape of potential releases from the states..As I recall he wasn’t 100% sold on anything off the tape as he was playing me tunes I heard ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ and I told him to stop..I literally was like ‘Dude!! That shit is fire!!!”...Fast forward and it’s now ‘94 the record is out and it’s the biggest song around (it was crazy to find out that Craig was previously known as MC EZ from EZ and Troup and had a song in the late 80’s called ‘Get Retarded Zoom Zoom Zoom That was pretty dope too!) so he comes to Toronto for press and a was Craig, Harve Pierre and DJ 45 driving around TO in my Mom’s Pontiac Grand Am (😂😭) these dudes were so big my car prolly needed new shocks after they were here...We hung out the entire time they were here...If you watch his RapCity interview that was filmed in the middle of University Ave you’ll see me right there (Michelle the producer of RC was pissed that Craig wanted me in the piece because she didn’t like me lol)...Man Craig was a real one, so cool and down to earth...i asked him for a ‘Flava In Ya Ear’ dubplate and he was like no problem, we went to Play De Records basement studio (yes they had a studio in the basement) and he cut something for me..He made a ‘new’ song just for me, I wanted Flava In Ya Ear But how do you say ‘No I’m good’ when Craig Mack, the guy with the hottest song out sits down to make a new beat and cut you an exclusive song just for you?! You don’ just smile and nod...Craig opened up for ATCQ at Spectrum off the strength of ONE song and I would say half the people that came only came to see him (which is crazy when you think about it)....there are probably more stories that I clearly can’t recall right now but man 46 is too young to pass...Craig and BIG doing that Flava In Ya Ear remix together again now 😔 I actually had the ‘Big Mack’ promo package you see in the picture..don’t have it anymore sadly

Amazing!! Now eventually put Jagmeet on the Brown bill and we good!!!

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