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Super duper simple. Once a week shoot a live stream answering common questions in your industry. It's that easy! #NowDoIt #DontBeLazy

Post in the comments, and we’ll help you turn it into content!

This is a little tip for people who don't have a blog. Whilst we obviously recommend having a site, you can actually create blog-style content with Facebook Notes for free!

Instagram is a beautiful, visual platform and you need to treat it like one. NEVER post anything ugly on Instagram!

Mobile is no longer a part of your traffic, it's MOST of your traffic. Make sure your website works on all devices. If you need a responsive site, shoot us a message!

When it comes to SEO, one of the best things you can do is have quality content (and no technical errors of course).

Facebook ads are great, but it can all the stats can be overwhelming. Don't worry - if you just focus on the cost per RESULT, meaning the thing you set out to achieve, you can ignore the rest.

Messenger is the new email. It won't REPLACE email, but it allows you to create a more intimate, personalised relationship with a conversational tone. Message us if you need one!

If you've logged into Facebook Ads Manager recently and wondered what the frick is going on, they are combining the ads manager with the power editor. Whilst confusing at first, this will be great when you get used to it!

If you play the long game and stay committed to a simple social media strategy, you will reap the rewards down the road in 12 months.

Followers aren't just given to you. Follow other people, connect with them and build a relationship.

Social media isn't something you do for a week then give up. Success is about consistency - just do 15 minutes a day!

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