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Deddy Corbuzier  BIG DADDY A Father, A Lover and A Fighter. #oldbutnotobsolete Management contact : Whatsapp +62813 21106789. Owner of @fosfor_ig

GW BAKAL DISANA!! Yeah I mean it.. #underarmourtestofwill2018
Remember the Date!! Coz I love to see u all there!! It's meet and Greet and its free so get Ur Ass there and meet me!!! @underarmourid #WEWILL

Done this... Guess the Girl... Now move my ass back to the studio for @officialhitamputiht7

Our company is always want the best for our costumers!
And Something new is always exciting. Sekarang aplikasi J&T Express telah hadir tampilan baru dan fitur yang lebih menarik.
Ini #JnTAppReview versi saya, how about you?


This is for my Son.. I took u to school every day, bring you to bed at night.. Be there when u fall in love and help you when you need me.. And i never think it's enough...
I asked you once @azkacorbuzier what kinda father u want.. Then u point your finger toward me.
Right now I'm trying to be the best version of my self.
This is all Pain and Blood... But i wanna look cool walking with you.
#oldbutnotobsolete #thisisdeddycorbuzier
#workout #lifestyle

Check full video now on YouTube!! Link di profile.
Sexy Body for Women!!

You know, it’s like having everything you need from a smartphone in your hand. This is a fact, Pertama kali saya coba kamera depannya, it’s surpisingly stunning. Hasil kamera depan 25MP dengan teknologi AI Powered Selfie in U-Frame Super Full Screen milik OPPO F7 ini sukses menangkap realita ke dalam gambar, kemudian diproses oleh Sensor HDR untuk memaksimalkan kinerja AI dan menyempurnakan hasil selfie. Ditambah dukungan RAM 4GB & memori internal 64GB, memberikan performa kelas atas dan AI selfie camera yang cerdas. It’s a real #5StarRecommendation for #OPPOF7 from me. @OPPOIndonesia

Girls... Cardio? Payudara HABIS..... Soon on YouTube.. Body Science Playlist by Motive.
First video we will discuss bout Body Goals for Girls and how u can get it!! With @yuliabaltschun
Ready everyone?

MANUSIA MANUSIA SETAAAAN!!!!! This what I like bout my Club.... I can get HIGH.. Then HUGE... Not HIGH then Stupid. Love this. @ferryfcs288
#oldbutnotobsolete Damn Around 180 KG....

Bulking is easy..... Clean bulking... Is damn Sh1t Fak Pain like hell...... And remember I'm not like u guys 20 yrs old... This old man is catching up Bad ASS. #oldbutnotobsolete

Sejak sempat lumpuh krn HNP, i cant do Squat anymore... And Leg press start Dari beban ringan lagi.. 10 KG.. Sadly.. Today it reach 150KG.. Not Great yet.. But its a process... U don't have to be Great to Start. U have to start to be Great!
#legday #oldbutnotobsolete #thisisdeddycorbuzier anw banyak yang nanya umur gw kmrn.. Im 42. Old bastard. 💪🏼🕶

Manners Maketh Man
Quality is not tolerable
Thank u @philipformalwear yang RIBET sama ukuran baju gw.. The trick is... Gimana caranya buat baju dan jas terlihat slim dgn badan gw... Hahahahhaha

We should have GOALS
Dream of it and make it happens.
But every Goals just remind as it is if u don't work Ur ass for it!! #oldbutnotobsolete

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