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💥MASTER RED💥  Pokemon:Pikachu level:9000 (pikachu116688)💗anime,pokemon,mincraft DBZ /holdin a dexter/ Brave Frontier name: Kirito/ Me IZ PoKeMoN MaStEr!!

There was

There was

Look i got japenese yum Yums! ....... Hey PokeMasters I prob won't be on much because I have school I'm my summer break is over it sucks!!!😩😫😭😖😤😢😰😥😠😡😓😵😲😣😞😔#schoolsucks #japan #candy

I tagged 20 instead



Hey PokeMasters Tag me in the photo if u repost this

U look better with a flower 😉 XD

I'm going back to school soon :(


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