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Massimo Pirrone  Massimo 21|NYC| πŸ“ˆForex Trader πŸ“‰ Boosted FRS Snapchat : masspirrone

Throwback to when my car was clean and cared for πŸ’” #frs #Brz #gt86

2000 miles left with this car. Took it back to the roads that made me appreciate everything about it. Nothing like taking corners in an 86.

Anyone recommend anything?

Congrats @_jonmarcoa on the RS another car head in the neighborhood πŸš—

This morning I found my car like this. Some one had the nerve to egg my car overnight. It was only me out of all the parked cars on the block. People know I love my car and that this is definitely my car. This was definitely aimed towards me. If you know me I am a pretty nice guy, I always try to help people and I really don't cause any problems with anyone. I have no known grudges with anyone and I know my ex gf wouldn't do this. The only thing I can think of is I shared something I thought was funny on Facebook yesterday. If you're so butt hurt hiding behind your keyboard and attacking me personally at night you really need help. Just want to make a point that it's getting ridiculous how you can't even share something funny (satire) about the election without people getting so butt hurt. Grow up and tell me if I made you feel a certain way you low life faggot.

Take me back 😩, Sum 41 cruising in San Diego

Can't wait to start my life in California :D nothing like a nice drop top 😁. May 1st I'll officially be moving 😎😁🌞 #california #sandiego #freshstart

Mt Soledad 🌞

Can't wait to call this home #caliviews

Nothing like cruising through California with the top down. #s2k #s2000

Throwback to skateboarding in Sicily

Shredding the gnar in killington. Doesn't look crazy but I can finally boardslide. πŸ‚

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