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If you stop and think about it, car shows not too long ago used to consist of Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghini, Porsche, maybe even the occasional Bugatti; cars that one may consider to be impractical to drive on the road, but still do because, well...they function just fine on the road. Sure bringing the F430 to the track would be fun, but what's setting it apart from the others?
Now in 2017, one can go to a car show and see Bugattis, hypercars such as the 918, LaFerrari, and P1...and cars like this that shouldn't even be called cars...rather art that can be driven and raced. @Paganiautomobili is what I'm thinking about. Having seen 10 in one place and NOT in the factory, was unreal and I'm sure absolutely INSANE for anyone else. These are essentially — what one may call them— race cars, yet we see them in all these colors and styles, and most of all, we see them being driven on the road, sometimes daily as if they are JUST cars (mind you, I think that's really cool). I don't know, I just thought of it and it sank in...makes you think.
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Beauty and the beast— what— where's the beast, you ask? It's in the back.

People are having mixed feelings on this automobile...
What are your thoughts? In all honesty, I'm (obviously) a huge Pagani fan, but the windshield is just killing me. I feel like it is disproportional to the other parts of the car. While I'm not a huge fan of the wheel covers either, I'd let it fly. The sound however is just out of this world! The blue carbon is also extremely beautiful.
@paganiautomobili #Pagani#Zonda#HP#Barchetta

It's odd...to think that you see cars made by this same manufacturer almost everyday (or where I'm from I do) is kind of hard to believe. I mean, look at this thing! Also to think that I just walked past this and only took a few photos is...wierd? Anyways, the MC12 is quite the car. You just need a photo to do it justice...wait...is that even POSSIBLE?

Only posting the best of my dreamride shots because y'all have probably seen enough. Anyways, the last post concluded my Europe photos. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks to my parents and everyone else involved (@gregb.23 and @carugauto)!

When a G550 isn't enough, get a G63 AMG, but when that isn't enough get a G65 AMG. If that's not enough, sell the G65 and then downgrade to the G63 AMG but at the same time upgrade to the B70 G63 AMG. When that starts to get old, think about getting that B70 kit taken off— start to live on the edge a bit— and maybe upgrade to an 850 6.0 Biturbo Widestar. If that Brabus AMG just isn't satisfying your needs, completely downgrade and sell the whole 850 Widestar but then end up ACTUALLY upgrading to a Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6. When you really think you've found it but you love the raw sound and feel of the 850 Widestar and the aftermarket madness Brabus stuffs into the good ol' G63, you decide to go ALL OUT and buy the Mansory G63 AMG 6x6 and sell it for the infamous Mansory Audi R8 Spyder. Now that's how you live on the edge.

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