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last day of preschool for the bigs!! going out with a splash💦 #thefirstladies #twins #schoolsoutforsummer

all the babes in the bed.. and we slept on the floor. #jusssstkidding #babieseverywhere #hotellife

all I can think about is that chubby caterpillar in the movie Bugs Life 🐛😍 #ohmuhgosh #demcheeks

summer.. getting a taste of ya this weekend + we are pumped!! #girlfriendsbelike 👙#kortnijeaneswimmers

these ideas are always WAY better in my head🍦 #stickygram #stillnotgivingthemabath #babywipesforthewin

I think, as mom's, we all go through seasons of change. walking into this stage of motherhood is absolutely the most crazy life has ever felt for me as a mom. I feel like I'm in survival mode + going through the motions just to get to the end of the day. it is true that our life is more like controlled chaos and less like the rainbows it might seem to be, but I am counting every single day as part of something that I wouldn't change for the world, will never forget, and I never ever want to take for granted. these babies are the lead characters in 4 years worth of the most colorful memories one can imagine and I couldn't be more thankful for the woman I have evolved to since becoming a mother. these days I find myself seeking grace, patience, and joy in all these little moments that I would have never noticed before having kids. #motherhoodunplugged #lovecarters #ontheblog #sponsored

I thought that maybe since Brady was baby number four that I wouldn’t experience that same worry that filled my brain during the night in our first few weeks + months home with the other three babes.. well, I was wrong. with Brady, this anxiety started while we were still in the hospital. he woke me one night, at 2 days old, hitting the side of the hospital bassinet with his little arms as he was gasping for air.. talk about terrifying! Brady has silent reflux, which is really common but completely foreign to me. thankfully we haven't had any more episodes like that, but it still doesn't stop me from constantly checking on him during the night. ultimately my peace of mind comes from the @owletcare smart sock. its completely changed our sleeping game. #ontheblog #owlet #smartsock2

mama. it's not my first name but definitely my favorite name. happiest Mother's Day to all the mamas. mamas to angel babies + earth babies.. even fur babies. today we celebrate you! #happymothersday

lake life.. and not mad about it😎 #catchingrays

I'll just leave this RIGHT HERE 😍#littleboybrady #youkillme #boymom #word

some days I just look away.. and pour myself another cup of coffee. today is one of those days. #sisters #threepeasinapod

good news is: little monkey didn't pee on me. GREAT news is: those wrinkles are turning into rolls. #heavycream

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