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Massachusetts Democratic Party  This is the official Instagram for the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Follow us for updates on Democratic leaders and #mapoli.

Today's the day, #Attleboro! Vote Jim Hawkins to be your next State Rep. Jim has been taking to the doors to earn your vote and now it’s time to take to the polls.

He'll be an independent voice for Attleboro focused on important issues to working families like funding our public schools and investing in treatment programs to combat the opioid epidemic. #mapoli

Local Democrats including Mayor Paul Heroux and Sen. Paul Feeney stand behind Jim Hawkins for State Representative. He will be a strong voice for working families on Beacon Hill and we look forward to gaining every vote ahead of the general election. #mapoli

This was the scene from one of the many rallies happening across the Commonwealth today as the Supreme Court hears arguments on Janus v. AFSCME. We’re proud to stand with union members and elected officials fighting for our country’s unions to prove that “Working people are speaking out to say America needs union jobs,” as Massachusetts AFL CIO president Steve Tolman said. In the words of @elizabethwarrenma, “Unions built America’s working class and they will rebuild America’s working class.” #mapoli #janus #WeRise

Voting is our right. No Republican suppression tactic will take that away. Make sure your friends and family are registered this #NationalVoterRegistrationDay.

As Republicans push an anti-immigrant agenda in Washington, here in Massachusetts we celebrate Hispanic culture and people. Hispanics are teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, public servants, students, and DREAMers who lift up their communities in every corner of America. Happy #HispanicHeritageMonth.

We demand senior Baker official Paul Sagan come clean about his illegal donations or resign. This comes after revelations that he gave $496,000 in illegal contributions to the outside dark money group pushing for charter school expansion in Massachusetts. They received the largest fine ever imposed by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance this week. How much was Governor Baker involved? We want answers.

In Massachusetts, we are proud of our diversity and we look out for each other. Share @maura_healey's hotline because we don't allow hate in our state.

We are a stronger because of our diversity. Racism, bigotry, and hate have no place in our state.

President Trump by the numbers: 200 days in office, 11 lawsuits from Maura Healey, and no substantial legislative achievements. Sad!

Wishing a very happy birthday to @barackobama! Thank you for your service, strength, and integrity. We remain grateful for your eight years of responsible leadership.

Attorney General @maura_healey is taking Betsy DeVos to court. DeVos plans to deregulate for-profit colleges, which trap students with bad loans and prey on people with low incomes. Luckily, Maura is leading the fight against DeVos. Sign the petition to stand with Maura and fight DeVos' disastrous education policies. Link in bio. #DemsResist

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