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Massachusetts Democratic Party  This is the official Instagram for the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Follow us for updates on Democratic leaders and #mapoli.

Heading to the polls today?
Your vote matters now more than ever.
By electing Democrats ⬆️ and ⬇️ the ballot, we will build the blue wave. 🌊 #mapoli

Hundreds of thousands have already voted in Massachusetts.
Join the movement. Early voting ends Friday.
Find where you can vote early at #mapoli

Massachusetts IS the blue wave. Boston showed up tonight to get out the early vote!
Vote Early now until this Friday. #EarlyIsEasy #VotingCantWait

Not even the rain can keep us from voting! ☔️ Democrats were out voting early yesterday because we know #VotingCantWait for the weather to clear! #mapoli

We’re kicking off Early Voting all across the Commonwealth!

While some of us spread the word in Boston, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Jay Gonzalez rallied voters in Amherst. #EarlyIsEasy #VotingCantWait

Find your location ➡️

You’d think endorsement = vote, but Charlie Baker can’t even take a stand on that.

We're standing up. We're fighting back. We're voting.
The Massachusetts Registration deadline is TODAY. Let's do this. #mapoli

Today we heard from survivors, leaders, and activists. We heard stories of strength and resilience. We heard loud and clear that we need to #StopKavanaugh.
We now ask Republicans the same thing Ayanna Pressley did today, “Can you hear us?!”

We need to elect leaders who will fight for everyone, stand up to extremists and dark money, and have a real vision for Massachusetts.

Our full delegation is #TogetherForNovember to help Jay Gonzalez and Quentin Palfrey take back the Corner Office because they will do exactly that.

As Jay said this morning, "It's more important than ever that we have real leadership in Massachusetts. We need a Governor to supports these amazing leaders in Washington fight the dangerous Trump agenda. I look forward to working with them to fight for our values." #mapoli

We are unified. We are energized. We are ready.

We need a government that stands up for every person in Massachusetts, and we’re fighting all the way to November to make sure we have strong leaders in office all across the Commonwealth. #mapoli #DemsUnite #TogetherforNovember

Congratulations to Jay Gonzalez, our candidate for Governor of Massachusetts!

After months of talking directly with voters, Jay has proven himself as the strong, forward-thinking leader that Massachusetts residents deserve to have fighting for them in the Corner Office. #mapoli

🗳 ➡️ until 8PM

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