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CARA BROOK  Makeup artist Wife, Mama & foster mama 👩🏻👦🏼👶🏼👶🏻 & Maker of IIID foundation 🌟 @maskcarabeauty

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a child who’s mom doesn’t come home one night?
Or a baby who lays in their crib crying for so long and so often that they finally give up and go silent?
To be abused and mistreated by the people who were supposed to protect you?
To have to live with strangers and wish you could go back because even though it was really bad, it was home?
To not know where your brothers and sisters are or if they’re ok?

To wonder if it’s all your fault?
I try not to think about what that must feel like most days because it hurts, but there are those among us who KNOW what that feels like, they have lived it or are living it right now. This minute. Not far from where you sit reading this.
They need us to listen.
They need us to care.
My good friends and fellow foster parents who we are working with to create change in the foster system have started a Kickstarter for a book that is a beautiful and heart wrenching compilation of stories, artwork and poetry that will give us an understanding into a life most of us can’t imagine and maybe even more importantly will give a voice to those who don’t have to imagine it.
Please follow @removedfilm and consider backing this project, I’m really hoping it can become a reality!

Now that we have 5 kids we’ve been getting more shocked reactions and people looking at us like we’re crazy. We’ve been looking at each wondering if they might be right when the chaos hits peak moment too😂 but on weekends like this one, where we are together as a family for Cam’s blessing and Christian’s baptism, I remember that I didn’t come to this life for convenience and ease. I came to make the world a better place and leave it better than I found it. If ever I had any hope of doing that it’s through those 5 amazing souls I have the honor of mothering and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

6 years ago today I sang “feels like home” to @nickkillpack at our wedding. I was nervous and my voice cracked a lot but every word was true. He is my home. ♥️ lets make the most of this year @nickkillpack cause I hear that 7 year itch is a doozy 😉

I promise after this I’ll stop spamming with Cammers but can you blame me?!? ——————————-I’m completely in love with these @minkycouture blankets they are HEAVENLY soft and mind bogglingly cozy!! (Use my code cara45 to get a 45% off discount!!)

Two three year olds and a newborn might have been a little over zealous 😂 Braden promises not to “squash him” and Billy is a diligent hand sanitizer though, so I think we might survive 🤞🏻 love these photos of our little handsome! @bcouturephoto is a baby whisperer

We laughed, we ugly cried and we danced so hard I almost forgot I was wearing a leotard 😂 thanks all my ladies @maskcarabeauty & @heschle for one of the best weekends of my life. You really are what dreams are made of ♥️

Am I the only one who’s babies keep getting easier? My first was a colicky little sweetheart and I was clueless! So I posted some stories on all the tricks I learned on soothing a crabby baby just in case there’s a mom or two out there who didn’t get the memo and expected one of those quiet car seat babies like I did 😂😂 (tag a new mama!)

Meet our newest family member Cameron Leo Killpack ♥️ this handsome little guy had a tough first week being born with pneumonia. This morning he graduated from his last machine so we might get to take him home tonight!!

In 5 years @nickkillpack went from being a traveling bachelor to a husband and father of 4 (with one more on the way) without skipping a beat. He is a better parent than I’ll ever be and I’m so grateful our kids have his strong, loving, comforting presence to guide them. We are so lucky♥️

I tried mind over matter during the sick part of pregnancy and failed HARD. Matter won in a landslide! But this last couple months I’ve told myself over and over again how lucky I am to have the chance to carry a baby and that despite the feeling huge and uncomfortable it is beautiful and my body is made to handle it and you know what? On the last leg of my last baby, Mind finally won. {Thanks so much @maleaellett for these images! I love them!}

How insanely beautiful is Cari’s smile!?! My favorite part was when she looked in the mirror. (Captured in second slide) Since she rarely wears makeup she expected to see a stranger staring back but was tickled to find herself with just a little extra dazzle to show off her incredible features. 🌷

Wearing @maskcarabeauty foundation in amber + moonlit + ash + Hollywood (on cheeks & lips) + indigo to line lips + oak & Salem on the eyes and brows

Getting the last few glimpses of my feet for the next few weeks!

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