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Masjid Pictures  Showcasing Masjids & Islamic Architecture from around the world 👉📷 DM us your masjid pics for a shoutout! 📢 Will try to post as many as we can

The world famoud Pink Masjid, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Have any of you prayed there?

Jzk @rabiyahamid_

#ramadan #architecture #malaysia

Great mosque of Xi’an, China.

Allah accept the fast of those in the far East. Well the fast.of everyone while.we're at it.
I'd love to see a pic from inside if anyone has been?

And amasing masjid sent in by @nial_pilos

#ramadan #islam #architecture #china

Our first iftar is nearly here.
Allah accept the fast of the muslims around the world. While we starve our bodies maybe stuff our souls.

Koutobia Masjid, Marrakech, Morroco.

Sent in by @jamjam_3

The Sultan Qaboos Masjid in Oman!
This place is going to be packed out this Ramadhan. I pray the best for everyone in this month.
Lets make it worth its while.

Jzk @muslimtravelers

Putra Mosque,(The Pink Mosque), Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Sent in by @rabiyahamid_

A pic fitting for the time of year.
Bait ul Salam Masjid Srinagar, Kashmir India

Sent in by @umi_peray

#mosque #masjid #friday #jummahmubarak #jummah #architecture

A perfect example showing Islam of for all times. Class blending in with the new.
Sent in by @herry.prihamdani
#mosque #architecture #jummah #friday #islam #mubarak

Masjid Sultan, Singapore.

Awesome street angle pic take by @nassim026

This is the Shat Gombuj Masjid in Bagerhat, Khulna, Bangladesh. It is a world heritage building as declared by UNESCO.
Does anyone know when it was built?

Sent in by @ahmadmdanwar

Awesome pic of the Koutoubia masjid in Marrakech, Morocco.

Sent in by @zelzelaah

Masjid Tuban Jawa Timur
Jummah Mubarak.

Sent by @devi_adil

@muslimtravelers always come through with the best pics. This masjid is in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

#jummahmubarak #islam #friday

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