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Mashatu Game Reserve  Land of the Giants

Guests on the Photo Mashatu Photo Vehicle were treated to a great photo opportunity as this female lion approached the male to elicit mating at the top of a hill on a glorious morning.
Image & text by: @janetkleyn

Mating lions is an exhausting affair, mating every 20 minutes for up to four days, it’s no wonder this male lion looks exhausted as he keeps an eye on us.
Image & text by: @janetkleyn

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🎥: @aushammer "It was the last hour of my last game drive at Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. We have been with this mother cheetah and her three year-old cubs for 4 days. We watched them play, pounce, hunt and miss. They hadn't eaten for the four days and were very skinny.
The mother and cubs watched the impala herd for quite some time. At the very back of the herd was a male who was limping. The mother locked on and took off at a quick pace. She went from first to fifth gear in 100 yards. It was incredible to see her speed and strategic ability. As she went behind tall bushes we knew she had the impala. Once we caught up to her she was still suffocating it. She sat with it for several minutes to catch her breath and then she stood up and started calling for the cubs. They were still back where she started but they could hear those faint chirping sounds. It was incredible as they came running across the sand"

Cheetahs often make use of elevated vantage points to keep an eye out for either prey or danger. In this case, however, there was a female cheetah in the area and this male was actively looking for her.

Image & text by: @janetkleyn
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How could you not love such a beautiful little soul?
Happy World Elephant day!
Photograph by: @shemimages taken at the PhotoMashatu hides

Another hard day in Trevor Kleyn's office.🐘🌾
Video by: @trevor_kleyn
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Elephants provide an endless amount of beautiful moments to capture.
Image & text by: @janetkleyn
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The last hour of a recent hide session was very quiet, unbeknown to us in the hides, there were 6 lion cubs lying just behind the hide. We only realized they were there we we opened up the hatch to check if all was clear to exit. The sight of a head popping out the ground was too much for them and the all fled the scene. The only photo on offer is of them running away.

Image & text by: @janetkleyn
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How could you not love a baby Ellie?🐘 Thank you for sharing!
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Mashatu (16) - "Trunk"
"Hey you. Yes. You. I see you"
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The most safe place to be, is close to mom.
Image and text by: @trevor_kleyn

July has been an incredible month for leopard sightings.
Image & text by: @trevor_kleyn
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A young cheetah rests on a log, providing the guests with a beautiful photo opportunity.
Image & text by: @trevor_kleyn
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