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Masha Rudenko  NYC 😜 artist and model. Come to see it in NYC at Allouche gallery 🎨 Art of living 🌎 🎨 . Always learn always change ... be curious

With my child #oil #artist #masharudenko 18/24

My baby 👶 #oil #artist #masharudenko

4th day of Intense 15 hours a day program with @tonyrobbins . Yesterday we did 18 hours with one hour brake . I could never imaging it's even possible . This man is a pure Power of Mind and Body . Was the best choice to be here and how much I learned it's priceless experience... what an amazing clarity now I have ❤️🙌 find your mentors, people who will shake you and move you and brake your patterns with you ❤️🙏 I can't stop smiling realizing that it's been one of my biggest dreams to be on his seminars and learn ... here I m with 13.000 people who smiles and you feel this energy in a room who want to change 🌏🙏 this is so programmed in my brain how - this is how I wanna be , think and feel ! Thank you @tonyrobbins !!! #tonyrobbins #tonyrobbinsupw #unleashyourpower

I did it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥fire-walking!!!! what an amazing experience to be here Day 2 . #TonyRobbins . So motivated ! I love energy of people here ... everyone is smiling and kind and loving ... I picked : Curious , Brave and Focused 😈👻 thank you @tonyrobbins for reminding ! ❤️ #tonyrobbinsupw2017 #tonyrobbinsupw

I m more excited inside than I look :)))) Yeaaaaa baby !!!! Finally here :) #tonyrobbins !!!! #tonyrobbinsupw2017

And here we go !!!! @tonyrobbins ! Been waiting for this for years 🙏❤️🌏#tonyrobbins

I have a different dreams :) I remember My girl's dream was to be in a company of philosophers and to listen ... 2 weeks ago I met @danielpinchbeck . One of the most interesting people I met . How cool is that? drinking wine with a philosopher and to talk and listen 👂 #DanielPinchbeck wrote many books and I cant wait to start to read #BreakingOpenTheHead #contemporaryshamanism . So looking forward to read all his book and tell it to my kids and grandkids :) have you read his books ? what do you read ?

Moved to another side of the bridge . And I m already very happy here ❤️ people make this city special ❤️ thank you for the best new experiences. on other side @dvdan23

Sleepless ...picture by @pollyshot #masharudenko

Hooked 👽👌🏼Pencil #masharudenko

Dear followers , halllllooooo to all:) I love sharing best and important moments of my life with you and I take Instagram as my inspiration board and People who motivate me , stimulate me, I have the best time with and making me a better person . My biggest gift and luck in life it's people who I met . @charleschentv is one of them who I can't just let go . I want to share with you .He is a such a goooooood human and a such a reminder when you need it . Do you meet people and on your first day you met they say : how can I help you ? Let's think what you need to do about it ? Who I know to help you ? And he is the Master to make your belly feel good . His account motivates me and make me smile :) if I can share with you something - this is it :) take care of yourself and others ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love you @charleschentv ! We all learn so much from each other

Sunday it's the best day to cuddle yourself #masharudenko

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