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The original thirst trap. #VMAs #2003
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If Liz Lemon was a day, she'd be Mondays.

Here's looking at you, chicken.

Tesla whistleblower alleges ‘narcotics trafficking’ and ‘unauthorized wiretapping’ in SEC complaint.

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Alexa and Cortana are finally on speaking terms.

In a move reminiscent of Cher's friendship with Tai, the baddest bitch in the digital assistant schoolyard has a new project. Thanks to the peacemaking powers of the A.I. overlords, Alexa is now on intimate speaking terms with former rival Cortana! BFFs!!! Last year, Microsoft and Amazon announced the two companies would work together to integrate their respective digital assistants. The companies gave a preview of the functionality at Microsoft's 2018 Build event, showcasing how Alexa and Cortana can work together. That ability has now rolled out to the masses.

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Meet Vector, Anki's charming new #robot.

Anki is back. Two years after launching Cozmo and five years after launching Anki Drive, the company is introducing a robot for the home.
Vector is not a toy but rather a joyful, smart home robot — and no it's not a #Roomba, and it isn't a large robot that can teach you yoga. It can fit in your palm and #Anki sees it as the big brother to Cozmo: #Vector is a smarter, more intelligent robot that doesn't need a connection to a device.

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In Manhattan's Flatiron Plaza, children gawked and construction workers tiptoed in curiosity around transportation company #Workhorse's product showcase of two futuristic vehicles: the first electric pickup truck, and the Surefly octocopter drone.

Workhorse is a midwestern transportation company that specializes in electric trucks, particularly for commercial (not personal) use. It gained attention this past May when it achieved manned flight of its SureFly hybrid helicopter. With eight propellers that provide balance, it's designed more like a drone than a traditional helicopter — so it's better described as a personal drone #octocopter. Also, octocopter is pretty fun to say, so that's what we're going with, OK?! For the full article, click the link in the bio.

Farmers are now using literal lasers to scare birds away from their crops.

Lasers are now the newest trend helping blueberry and raspberry growers in the Pacific Northwest protect their crops from birds this season. NPR recently published a report on this new technology created by Netherlands-based company Bird Control Group.
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The flames scorching the Western U.S. aren't expected to relent anytime soon.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) gave its monthly U.S. climate report on Thursday, and they used the opportunity to show that the next couple of months are ripe for an enhanced fire risk out West.

Ford put drivers into camouflaged 'seat suits' to develop a self-driving language.

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Yes, Android phones are vulnerable to attack. But that might not be as scary as it sounds.. A report from the security firm #Kryptowire, via #Wired, shows that many Android phones are stunningly vulnerable thanks to Android's open operating system. But while this report is concerning, the real-world threat it poses to actual Android phone users might not be that big of a deal.

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San Francisco has been scooter-less for months.
Other cities, meanwhile, have slowly been filling with electric scooters. But earlier this year, San Francisco cracked down on three companies — Bird, Lime, and Spin — that had been renting e-scooters to riders without any go-ahead from the city. After an initial period of letting them ride wild, the city decided the scooters had to be regulated, and a permit process implemented. Until that happens, all scooter-shares were banned.
That was June. It's now August. The permitting is taking forever. And San Francisco transit officials seem way over their heads.

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