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This was supposed to be a post with 10 tips on how to earn 1M$ on posting ‘oobs. But unfortunately according to the new Instagram Sexual Solicitation policy, I can’t share these tips with you. Most of the s’e’x related words are forbidden. So the prepared post has been deleted from my Evernote together with the post on how to become a successful pim””p. (Sorry if you were waiting for that.)

According to new FB/IG policy, talking about S”E”X is risky now (even if you are professional s”exologist and write about s”exual relations). Also forbidden: “content (hand drawn, digital, or real-world art) that may depict explicit sexual activity or suggestively posed person(s)”. Nudity photographers, pages that post hot 👩🏼 with the target to sexually attract, s’e’x shops - be careful.⛔️

I don’t want to explain why these Facebook guys are being so hypocritical and deny the existence of s ‘e ‘ x. Read about it and make your own opinion - Link to the new policy is in my Stories.

Here is YES or NO question for you, so reply accordingly: Do you feel sad that you can’t send around your naked photos anymore and write about your “state of “exual arousal”? Yes or no??? And seriously, what are your thoughts on this?

Dead & Gone or The Dolce & Gabbana story 😈

Social Media can help you to build a strong, recognizable brand and a good reputation or it can destroy both. Depends how you use it.🤷‍♀️

November in Social Media was all about how D&G lost a huge chunk of the Chinese market, one of the most profitable markets for luxury brands.

So let’s make a long story short:
D&G was preparing a big show in Shanghai on which they spent around $12M 💸

To support the show, they launched the series of video commercials called “Tribute to China”. In these commercials, they showed a girl eating Italian food (pizza, canolli and spaghetti) with chopsticks.🍝🍜

Unfortunately for D&G, Chinese customers did not find it funny in the least. They found it extremely offensive to their culture. They started requesting to remove it.

All Chinese SM channels of D&G took it down and everything could have been fine, IF Stefano Gabbana didn’t happen to be insane. Unfortunately he is🤪. He send a DM one of the girls protesting. It was a long reply that included the choice line: “China is a country of 💩”. Whoops (what kind of drugs are you on, Stefano??🤨)

The girl shared the screenshots with a popular IG page @diet_prada , that gains fans for its takes on fashion industry copycats. Unfortunately for D&G (again! Maybe D&G guys should start checking out Chinese horoscopes for lucky/unlucky days before posting anything??? 🐉 ), one of the creators behind @diet_prada happened to be the son of Chinese immigrants, who came to the States in the early 1980s. So of course, he supported the protesting woman and shared her screenshots to the entire (almost-1-M) community.

It was a bomb 💣. After receiving thousands of bad comments, D&G and Stefano couldn't think of anything better, but...publishing “We were hacked” posts🎉🎉🎉 (I hope they fired their SM and PR managers for this “awesome” idea). Can you imagine how many “full of love and understanding” comments those posts collected?

All Chinese celebrities and models refused to attend the show and unfollowed D&G's pages. The show was canceled.

Read the end of the story in comments ⬇️⬇️

We've all heard of the Art of Conversation, now lets talk about the Art of Commenting as a way to attract new followers. It’s my favorite trick that I recommend to all my “I want to grow my page for free” clients. I call this trick “Effective Commenting” (EC). Actually it’s not first time I post about it and definitely not last time. Try it, it really works.👌

EC is a cool strategy to attract new followers organically.It works really well if it's being done in the RIGHT way, at the RIGHT time and in the RIGHT place. •
Trick: You leave comments on their page and hope that the owner or their followers will notice your comments and come to your page to check out who this awesome person is and why they are so damn awesome.

Comments like Great stuff, Cool, ❤️ are great examples of implementing this the wrong way. You don't even need to spend your time on comments like these.Simply buy a bot, set up the comments you want it to leave and profiles you want it to be active in, and it's done. With one big BUT.

BUT this will never be effective. It’s “that pathetic guy in the bar” situation. Have you ever been at the bar and someone comes at you with “Hey, babe! Looking hot, babe." You'll be like 🤮🤢 Sounds familiar, right? (If you are a straight guy and it still sounds familiar, maybe you should change the bars you go to).

EC is time consuming, yes, but it helps you earn followers who actually are interested in you and your content.

So how should you comment?
✅ Create an interesting looking profile: a very attractive profile pic and an interesting bio are must haves. The profile pic should make people want to click on it (that's why your brand logo as a profile pic won't work. Boobs and puppies - yes, your face - well, depends....🥴 but boring logos - strictly no).

✅ Create a list of bloggers whose posts you will be commenting on. Their followers should be your target audience.If you sell weight-loss cream, don't go commenting plus-size-and-proud women. Don't choose bloggers with over 1000 comments per post. Go for bloggers with active followers and 100-300 comments per post.

Damn this 2200 limit🥵 Find next steps in first comment ⬇️

I’m not a social media marketing coach. First of all, there are already many SM coaches on Instagram who do a brilliant job💎. There are even more “coaches” who like having this word in their bio. Sounds business-like, sounds fancy. I’m neither one of those. •
My goal is not to inspire you. I kinda don’t give 💩whether you get inspired here or not 🤷‍♀
If you can’t inspire yourself to do your own business, no one can.

The goal of this page is:
✅ To share the tips and tricks that me and my team have been using to grow followers and sales for different accounts. I even can share “we-screwed-up” stories😅 - as a good example of what not to do. Wanna a sad story how Victoria’s Secret’s lawyers have made Instagram take down one of our pages? I can tell.😅 •
✅ To create a small but highly engaged community through different SM activities (actually, engagement rate of this page is very high. I was even asked for permission to use my page on one SM app as an example of successful cases. Thanks everyone!!😘)

✅ To help anyone who asks me questions on my page. Even stupid questions. I actually like stupid questions. They make me feel smart.🤪

✅ To entertain. Where the hell can you find so many damn Instagram tips with words like hell and damn in one sentence??

✅ To attract new customers to come to me and my team when they need SM services. Of course.

No matter why you are here, you are always welcome. With all your “damns” and stupid questions.😘

Okay, guys, today’s post will contain 0,00% humor, as the topic is not one I want to make jokes about. But. I want to ask you to support this post with likes because it will help reach people in need. So please leave your 👍.

💉 For those who want to donate: I strongly believe that in order to be able to make money, you should learn how to share first. The more you share the more you get back. Call it karma, Universe, God - doesn’t matter how it works, but it works. Think about it.

😔 For those in need: IG is a very powerful tool when you need to collect money urgently (money to save someone’s life, not to buy a new Tesla - in case you were wondering).42% of IG users in the States earn $75K+ (pretty good space to share, isn’t it?). Personally, all the donations I’ve ever given in my life were directed to help people I found on IG. I got used to helping people here. Many people are familiar with it too.

☝️Important: While asking for donations, remember that you are responsible not only for collecting money to help yourself/your family member, you are also responsible for building people’s trust and loyalty for money donations in IG in general. If your posts look like a scam, they won’t help your cause, and along the way you will also decrease someone else’s chances to get help. (Because people will lose hope in IG as a legitimate donation platform.) Think about it.

So…10 MAIN RULES for collecting money in IG:
✅ You are not allowed to share any personal information. It’s a violation of IG Terms of Use. Private and confidential information includes, but isn't limited to: credit card information, social security or alternate national identity numbers, photos of your ID, etc. It means that IG can get your page down if you publish your account number you accept donations to. What to do? Leave a website in bio that leads to any other sources where you can accept money (fundraising sites like gofundme.)

✅ If you are collecting money for a kid, make sure it states that in your bio. IG requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account. So mention that you manage the account on their behalf.

See the rest in the comments 👇👇

When people open your profile, you have about 5 sec to make them decide to stay/follow you. 5 sec are not enough to proof them that you are an amazing person with good sense of humor and excellent writing skills.

What can make them stay?
A killer bio,a killer IG feed and,of course, photos of boobs.
Unfortunately,posting boobs can drive your sales if you are a plastic surgeon, but can kill your reputation,if you are an elementary school teacher. Life is unfair.🤷‍♀️
So if you happen to have a business profile where posting boobs isn’t very welcome, then create a killer feed!💪

A great IG feed is like a well-designed room: everything looks well placed, flows well together and coordinates beautifully. It’s what can make them click “Follow” before they find out your writing skills suck.

How to create an eye-catching feed?
✅ One filter. You either can use the same filter for all your pics, or use the same presets for sharpness, contrast, and brightness (We sell very cool presets for $55 - link in bio).
✅ One color. My favorite examples: all shades of blue of @fursty, monochrome @katia_mi, multicolor @tashalakoz
✅ Backgrounds for photos/videos.Your photos are placed on a background designed especially for your page or your brand (brand colors, logos, business attributes can be added). Background pictures are different, but designed in the same style and match perfectly.It gives your feed consistent and cohesive look.
Here are some examples of what we designed before:
💎 Feed design for a career coach: @thesetters_design1
💎 Beauty salon: @thesetters_design3
💎 Hair stylist: @thesetters_design2
💎 Hair & nails salon: @thesetters_design4
This option is a perfect choice for businesses such as:makeup,hair and beauty salons,cosmetology and esthetician centers,fashion shops, art-bloggers and all types of blogging experts (marketing, coaches, etc).
You can make your own in PS, hire a designer or DM me to order yours from us👌.

No matter what way you choose, make sure you don’t run any promotions before you create a good-looking feed.
Otherwise you will blow your marketing budget or someone’s budget (if someone got drunk enough to give you their money).🥴

Recently we found out that one social media company is using my client in their portfolio as a key case. A case they nothing have to do with. A case I have been working on from scratch.🤷‍♀️

Well, what can I say? “Fake it till you make it” strategy is definitely worth a try and most of the time it works (Keep it up, guys! You can do it! I believe in you 😅)

☝️ If you you are a cosmetologist, hair stylist, nails master, surgeon, etc, make sure you use watermarks! Watermarks can save you from many “I will kill them!! I will find and kill them” situations.🤣

Let’s play? (and LEARN)
The key to a successful Instagram bio writing is being able to explain in 1-2 sentences what your page is about, so that people get a HUGE wish to open your page or start reading (if they are already on your page).
✅ Remember: you have several seconds to make them either like you or pass by. A great bio is the key here. 
It can sound mysterious, intriguing, funny, creative, interesting, sarcastic - anything but the usual and boring.
Examples of strong bios:
👌 Chuck Norris of real estate world.
👌 Things no one told you about cosmetology before.
👌 Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll. Actually only drugs. I’m a doctor. Hi.
👌 I earned $1M in 1 year. Shut up, like the photos of my Lambo and read my posts.
👌 How to be a mom-of-3 and stay mentally healthy
👌 How I lost 50 pounds and started a new life
👌 How I gained 50 pounds and learned the art of not giving a fuck
👌 Blog of world wide traveler with no money
👌 Hair stylist 90lvl
👌 I’m foodie. And if you follow me, you will be too. Guaranteed.
👌 I will make you love this life.
👌 No BS. Only the best digital marketing tips.
👌 One doest not simply open this page without following me.
You got the idea, right? So let’s play a game:
1️⃣ Like this post to enter.
2️⃣ Write 2-3 sentences to introduce your Instagram page in the comments below (like if you would do it in your bio). Make it sound like an invitation to your page people can’t resist accepting: you should follow me, because…I write about…My blog is about…I will teach you how to…etc.
3️⃣ Like the invitations of other commentators that you find interesting/intriguing enough to make you wonder.
♥️ Goal: To HELP EACH OTHER create a perfect bio! (And some networking, of course) You can write as many versions as you want (but keep them in separate comments, so you can track which one people liked the most).
4️⃣ Feel free to tag your friends who you think must participate.
I will be leaving my suggestions to all commentators. Let’s start! 🤪

This post was requested by one of my followers that manages an Instagram account dedicated to books and reading.Usually I don’t write posts by request,but this time my inner bookworm was happy to do so.😊 (even if you’re not a book blogger, you can keep reading to get some creative ideas for your content)

How to successfully manage Instagram account about books and reading:
📚 You must be a guru of flatlays. Nothing can beat a creative flatlay on Instagram,and nothing fits the flatlay format as perfectly as a book.Cozy autumn flatlays with wool blankets and cup of coffee,hands&legs flatlays, lazy-Sunday-in-bed flatlays,flatlays from coffee shops,etc… If your flatlay skills suck,forget about Instagram and go get some photo courses.Instagram book bloggers are 70% about strong flatlays.

📚 You must be good with words. Strong writing is the key.I’m sure if you are a real book lover, writing strong texts will be simple for you.So use the following ideas for your posts:

📖 Strong calls to action - ask questions that people can relate to and can’t resist answering.Trust me, book-readers LOVE entering active conversations about the books they read. Use it to increase your engagement!
-Harry Potter:I would be happy to be accepted to Slytherin.What about you?
-50 Shades of grey: Do you think if E. L. James got successfully laid at the right time,it would save the world from reading this story?
-Anna Karenina: What would you do if you were in Anna’s shoes: falling in love while being married? or How many pieces of Anna did Vronsky find on the railways?
-Lolita: Was Nabokov damn talented or damn perverted?

📖 Lists - any marketing specialist will tell you that people LOVE lists - use it to write your posts:
-10 books with the most unexpected endings
-5 books you must read before you turn 30
-10 must-read books for those who are in love
-20 must-read books for when you’re hearbroken (read, cry and get ready for bloody revenge🤺).
You got the idea, right? Create your own lists and make sure the post title looks ATTRACTIVE enough to make people stop scrolling their feed,and valuable enough to make them SAVE your posts and share.

Find more tips in the first comment 👇

I know this is the part you were waiting for most.I know that perfectly well. That’s exactly why I left it for dessert. It doesn’t hurt to torture you with waiting, right? 😈 (“Doesn’t hurt to torture” - I love English!)
So…tools for growth.Maybe you were expecting a magical magic that would bring you to successful success,but nop…when it comes to the tools for growth, it’s either:
✅ FB Business Manager for ads🤤 (I will teach you how to launch successful ads during my signature SM courses) or
✅ Influencer marketing combined with giveaways💸
or...there are some other tools you can use.

“Some other” tools:
✅ Tool for mass liking/massfollowing💸. As you might know,I don’t like massfollowing. It’s okay for personal use, but for already-established brands or blogging experts it’s an unprofessional tactic. So,go for it only at the beginning: during first months of your Insta page and at the start point of your business.
At the same time,I find massliking very efficient.It’s a perfect way to reach and attract the attention of your potential follower/customer. I.E.: you sell shoes. Find your competitors and set up the massliking tool to like the posts of your competitor’s followers or even active followers (those who comment and ask for the prices).
☝️As Instagram doesn’t appreciate massanything,this tool requires very specific setup. So I WILL NOT suggest a particular tool to avoid the complaints (coming from those of you who didn’t manage to set it up correctly and got blocked). Commercial break💡: my agency can do it for you.

✅ Parsing 💸 
Parser is a tool that allows you to extract the followers of any page according to your needs. I.E.:You are a plastic surgeon and you’re looking for blogger to promote your services via barter.Parsing the followers of your competitor will allow you to collect a list of their followers (“follower” here means “consider getting plastic surgery”), sort them by number of their followers and voila - now you have the list of influencers to contact who are potentially interested in barter with you.

Isn’t this the most magical magic? Okay,let’s say it’s magical magic with a touch of human and bot intelligence 😋

Let’s continue talking about useful Instagram tools (see my previous posts for part 1-2):
💸 -not free
🤤- free

Photo/video editing tools:
✅ Instagram photo presets 💸- must-have if your photo skills suck but you want your feed to look amazing. Presets help you to save time on photo editing and create that eye-catching feed. Stay tuned - I will give away some of our presets for free to my lucky followers.
✅ VSCO 🤤 - yeah, I chose the correct sign. Don’t buy VSCO filters one by one, when you can get all of them almost for free. #okaygoogle
Usually I don’t like cheaters. But we are being way-arounders, not cheaters, right?😉
✅ Snapseed 🤤/💸 - photo editing
✅ Facetune 🤤/💸 If you are ugly as hell, I suggest getting a paid version. The free version won’t cut it.
✅ Afterlight 🤤/💸 - photo editing
✅ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 🤤/💸 - photo editing
✅ InShot 🤤/💸 - best video editing tool

Graphics/Templates - perfect for Instagram Stories or ads:
✅ Canva 🤤- I use this for creating FB or Instagram ads. It has templates in correct sizes for any type of ad you want to launch. And this is how you can create posts like mine (with text lays)
✅ Unfold 🤤- perfect tool for creating Instagram Stories when you need to post a mix of video, text, several photos, etc.
✅ Adobe Spark 🤤 - for Instagram stories (similar to Unfold)

✅ Instagram Insights🤤 - it contains ALL data you need to analyze the performance of your account. Instagram allows you to download this data in case you need it on file. So don’t pay for over-priced and useless data-analytic tools if you are not professional SM specialist. If you hire someone to manage your accounts, they MUST have other analytics tools (so you don’t need to pay extra for them).
@iconosquare 💸 – this is mostly for professional use. They have good competitor and hashtag analytics. But! If you can read Russian, go for LiveDune instead. Trust me, I use Iconosquare Elite, Iconosquare Plus and Livedune at the same time. Nothing can beat LiveDune analytics. •
Stay tuned! More useful posts are coming. And remember: you’re not allowed to save this post if you didn't 👍 it, as it will destroy your blogger karma. Muahaha!😈

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