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Instagram • Social Media Pro  Masha Varnavski NOT ANOTHER BORING EXPERT 🌀Tips,best practices,tricks 🌀For bloggers & businesses 🌀Grow your Instagram ⭕️Caution:Sarcasm & humor ahead

What’s the most trending topic now? Of course,it’s the 2018 Winter Olympics. How can you use it to your advantage?
Here is how:
💡You are an Instagram blogger.
Using the trending topics is one of the best ways to make your content go viral. So learn how to capitalize on trending topics!Create funny & interesting content related to the Olympics and join the trend by posting your content with the following hashtags: #olympicgames #olympics #olympics2018
#pyeongchang2018 + hashtags related to the specific sport.
💡You have an Instagram shop.If you sell fitness equipment, sport apparel, sport food, etc, it’s time for you to GET ACTIVE! It’s all about sports now and you shouldn’t miss your chance to sell 2 protein bars/2 pairs of football socks instead of 1!
If your business has no connection with sport, build it f̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶. Check out Instagram pages of the Olympic Games partners that are not directly related to sports (Toyota, Omega, etc.),see what they post and get inspired. If even McDonald’s manages to create the content about sport and healthy life, when McDonalds and healthy life are antonyms, then you will definitely manage to promote your handmade toilet brushes with the accent on sport. Example? Okay! Do you know how I would promote your high-quality professional CURLING wands/irons??Or you need a hint ?🥌 💡You are an artist or you make handmade whatever. So go and draw, knit, bake, photoshop, sew, paint, etc. Create something you could post under the hashtags I mentioned above (check them out to see what people post). 🥇See the Olympics as your chance to get more followers/customers, but don’t spam the Olympics hash/geo tags with your selfies, breakfasts, Gucci bags and makeup tutorials.(You don’t need to be a jerk to become popular ☝️)
Before you stop being boring and start being creative, tell me...what’s your favorite winter sport?
My favorites are figure skating (Almost every Russian loves to ice skate⛸), and also curling (It completely hypnotizes me. Maybe I could have built an amazing career as a professional house cleaner if I didn’t become a social media strategist...🤷‍♀️)
So what winter sports are you into?

Guys, I received several messages asking how I get the data for post performance/ post discovery. It’s pretty simple:
1️⃣ Open your post;
2️⃣ Click View Insights;
3️⃣ Swipe up.
Conditions: You must have a business page. Give Instagram time to collect it, check it 24h after posting.
Now let’s talk about the Discovery section in your Post Insights. This section helps you to analyze where your post was seen the most. It shows:
🔹% of accounts that saw your post and aren't following you;
🔹Reach: The number of unique accounts who saw your post
🔹Impressions (by surface): The total number of times your post has been seen from a particular surface, including:
⭐️Home - shows a feed of photos posted by you and your friends. You can like and comment on photos in your feed.
⭐️Search & Explore - Through Search & Explore you can find photos and videos that you might like from accounts you don't yet follow. You may also see curated topics that we think the Instagram community will enjoy.
⭐️Profile - shows your bio and Instagram posts. It's also where you can edit your profile info and adjust your Account Settings.
⭐️Location - shows public photos and videos that were shared with the corresponding location.
⭐️Hashtags - Shows public photos and videos that were shared with the corresponding hashtag.
Impressions from Other could be generated by:
🔸Posts that have been shared through direct messages;
🔸Posts that have been saved;
🔸Posts you've been tagged or mentioned in;
🔸Post notifications that you've been mentioned or tagged in;
🔸Posts that show up on the Following tab in your notifications.
So now you know where your new followers come from. Track it and adjust your strategy accordingly 😘

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Yesterday I received a direct message saying “Masha, I do everything you suggested, but it doesn’t work”.
My reply to messages like this one will always be “It DOES work, you don’t”. Simple as that🤷‍♀️
Guys, who can’t “make it work”, how many times did you try the method I call “effective commenting”? How many times did you cooperate with bloggers or launch giveaways? Did you work on your content strategy?See? 🙃
I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. I am telling you what has been always working well for me for past 6 years, for any type of business, any kind of SM channel: 🔹Create amazing content—> original, valuable, interesting, informative, high-quality;
🔹Engage —> to increase your Post Reach and build your followers loyalty. Be engaging not only on your own page, but on others’ pages as well;
🔹Promote —> to grow the number of your followers.
🔹Don’t blame Masha for your laziness and procrastination.
But always feel free to ask me here!

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When it comes to the question “how often to post”,I don’t just want to tell you “post every day, because why not?”.I want to teach you how to think strategically when you create your posting schedule.Let’s start🙃
Your target is to increase your Post Reach.There’re 2 different ways to do it:
1️⃣Increase the Engagement Rate of your posts=produce excellent content,so every single post could reach many people, or
2️⃣Post more to reach more. Quality vs. Quantity.What you should choose depends on what your Instagram is about.
Let’s divide all Instagrammers into 4 categories:
⭐️True bloggers/blogging experts-Instagrammers who write informative/interesting posts, with the accent on the caption/text (not on the photos),or create the content that requests time to be produced (photos that are more art than photos, videos, any other “time-consuming” creatives ). If you belong to this type, believe me,I know that every post of yours is not just “open Instagram,choose a photo, add emoji, click Post”. For you, guys,I have good news: Instagram increased the shelf life of the posts,so the followers who are active on your page, will see your posts in their feed even if the posts are not fresh ones. Stick to the schedule 3-4 posts per week,make sure every post of yours is strong and you will be fine. Quality over quantity is your strategy.
⭐️Shops/sellers.You need to sell and you can’t allow yourself to post rarely- so go for quantity. But don’t post every hour! If you have a local business,make sure you cover different periods of the day when your potential customers can be online.If you are an International seller, cover different time zones. 2-4 posts per day are fine for you as long as there is only 1 “Buy it” post on every 2-3 entertaining posts (Content rule 3:1), and as long as you track your daily number of unfollowers. If it starts growing, decrease the number of posts.
⭐️ Lifestyle/travel/food/any pages with accent on beautiful photos-every page where photos rule and captions are much less important. When you are an amazing travel photographer, or make likable cakes,or shoot cool lifestyle photos - 1-2 posts per day is your “good-to-go” schedule.
Read further below ⬇️⬇️

Instagram algorithm changes as fast as your/your gf’s mood in PMS days. Maybe one day Instagram gets confused with its own rules, accidentally breaks one and bans itself. By then we have to learn how to live with it.
Let’s talk about Instagram updates that have been discussed by all social media experts and bloggers for the past few weeks. Instagram has not officially confirmed it yet, so let’s mark these news with the tag “ I heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend that dates a girl who’s mom works as a cleaner in Zuckerberg’s office”.
So here they are:
1️⃣ When you post something on Instagram, it will only be exposed to 10% of your audience.And only if this 10% of your followers find your post fantastic,hilarious and amazing, then the remaining 90% have a chance to see it.
2️⃣ Instagram will not count as engagement short comments like “great pic”, “love it”, “cool!”, “hey babe”. Only comments with 4 words or more will be counted as engagement. So “Thank you, Masha!”, “ You are amazing” are damn wrong!Please use “Thank you,Masha,for being such an incredibly amazing girl with beautiful eyes and a perfect body shape”. 3️⃣ Instagram wants you to be active on your own page and respond to comments within 60 minutes.Otherwise,your post's visibility will gradually decrease.
4️⃣ Instagram doesn’t like when you edit your post within first hours after you published it. Editing post is basically telling Instagram to ignore all engagement you've received so far. So your favorite trick - to post a pic of a puppy with the caption “What a cutie!”, collect hundreds of likes in 1 hour and change the caption to “If you find me sexy, like this post.”- will not work anymore. Now you have to wait at least 1 day before you can edit it with no risk to drop post engagement.
4️⃣ Instagram doesn’t like when you use too many hashtags and when you use them in the same order.
It’s getting tough, huh? But don’t worry! I will tell you what to do.
There are 2 ways you can deal with the devil’s soul of Instagram:
✅ Accept it and get ready to WORK A LOT.
✅ Open Google, search for “How to tie a noose” or “How to heat arsenopyrite to obtain arsenic “, read it,go ahead.

I've been doing some research lately and I'd like to share the results with you today.
I was analyzing the performance of different types of posts my team created for our FB pages (fashion related posts). The sample was about 2000 product posts from 3 different FB pages with a total followers base of about 4M.
I focused on 3 types of product posts:
1️⃣ Posts with photos provided by bloggers (collaborations with bloggers) aka IGC (Influencer-Generated Content);
2️⃣ Posts where we sourced photos from our own website;
3️⃣ Posts using the photos and reviews from our customers aka UGC (User-Generated Content).
I compared average Post Reach, average Post Engagement, and - most important- average Post Link Clicks (traffic). And here is interesting thing I found‼️: UGC (real photos from customers +reviews) brought x2 times more traffic (link clicks) than IGC (photos from bloggers).
Now let’s compare the quality of UGC vs. IGC.
✅ UGC: theres are typically photos of products done with shaky hands, holding non-iphoneX cameras, flatlays shot on WWII-era carpet, dirty tea-cups, a cat’s tail and baby pot as a background.
✅ IGC: here you see perfect locations, perfect light, tons of retouche/PS, and of course a model-looking blogger.
Why there is so much more the traffic from UGC? Does it mean that customers trust real reviews more than good-looking pictures?
Guys, here are 2 questions for you (your opinions/answers matter HUGELY to me):
1️⃣ Do you react to product ads by bloggers? Do you go to check out the seller/price after you saw the post? Or do you like the nice photos and stay easily ignore to the ad?
2️⃣ Have you ever bought anything after it was promoted by blogger? If not, why?
Let’s discuss!

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It’s time for the series finale of “How To Run An Instagram Giveaway” #typesofgiveaways, the one you’ve been waiting for, the one you’ve paid for with your likes - how to collaborate with celebrities/very expensive bloggers.
In last 4 months my clients participated in 7 collaborations with 4 popular bloggers (over 10M followers each). The format of collaboration was a giveaway. Usually every giveaway with a celebrity brings 30-70K followers within 1-2 days.Then, after it’s over, depends on the theme of your blog and the quality of your content, you will lose from 30% to 70% of new followers. If you have a business in Instagram (Instagram shop or you sell the services via Instagram) or you are as boring as sitting on the toilet without the phone, your number of unfollowings will be the biggest. If you are a fashion/beauty/fitness blogger, it will be relatively small. But in any case the price per 1 new follower will be much lower than you would get through Instagram ads or regular collaborations with small/medium -size bloggers.
So what do you need?
1️⃣ A contact of PR agent of the blogger you want to collaborate with (you always have to deal with the PR agents when you want to collaborate with celebrities/big bloggers) and their consent to hold your giveaway.
2️⃣ Clear idea of the gift. We were giving away iPhones X, cars, vacations. Based on my experience, iPhones always work perfectly. But you need to give away 10-20 iPhones, one iPhone as a gift will sound like a joke to millions followers of a celebrity. Cars and vacations work well only if you give a winner 2 options to choose: a car/vacation or money (e.g.: $20K car or $10K to his bank account).
3️⃣ A Giveaway squad: 30-40 Instagrammers that want to participate and share the expenses with you.
4️⃣ 2 Instagram accounts older than 1 year each. In worst-case scenario, you will lose one of them (if Instagram bans it), in best-case scenario, after the giveaway is over, you will get the Instagram account with 30-70K followers. You can do whatever you want with it - sell it, develop it, save for a next giveaway, bet it in poker, use it to create a blog “Ugly gf of my Ex”, etc.
Read further in first comment ⬇️⬇

I feel like I have to repeat this information over and over and over. 😬
In my previous posts I explained at least twice how to fill “Name” section in Instagram (the one above the Bio, in bold letters) and most of you, guys, still do it in a wrong way.
When you write your real name in this section, what you’re hoping for? That your potential follower will find your amazing one-of-a-kind blog of inspirational quotes by searching for Hashkeh Naabah?That everyone who wants to find your shop of handmade soaps in Alabama, will think “Why won’t I search for Azariah Von dem Knesebeck? For sure she sells soap!”
Are you Beyonce? Is your company BMW? If yes, then please accept my apologies/may I take a picture with you/can I have Alpina B7 for a test-drive?
If not, and you, my dear Henriette Morrison, is a newborn and child photographer in Minneapolis, please tell me about it in “Name” section of your profile.
Again: Your name (the one in bold letters) and your username (the one that we tag with @) are the only fields that Instagram considers in search queries. So if you want people to be able to find your Instagram, use your keywords either in name or in username or in both.
There is a space for 30 letters. Use it WISELY. If you are not poor Azariah Von dem Knesebeck, who's name as long as the time your crush takes to reply to your messages, you can even manage to include both your name and keywords into Name section. Clear examples:
🔹Vladimir Putin•W̶a̶n̶n̶a̶b̶e̶ ̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ President
🔹Donald Trump•C̶l̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶r̶g̶e̶ President
🔹Ryan Gosling•H̶o̶t̶t̶i̶e̶ Actor.
If you have a local business, you can add your city/state there. Your name, that you are so proud of, will go to the Bio. Don't cry please. If it makes you feel better, you can write it in all caps.
To-do list:
✅ This post is a slideshow. Please swipe through to see more examples of excellent Names.
✅ Like the post if you find it useful. Double tap - if not. ✅ Tell me, it’s clear for you this time. Tell me!🤪

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I decided to post the old video from vacations, as it’s very calm and relaxing. And this is how I actually look like now —> 😑😞😔😖😩😫🤢 (I call it “Masha’s annual tax-filing face”.)
Now important question:
Can I claim the federal government and the government of the State of New York as my dependents? 🧐

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I often hear people complaining that it’s very easy to grow Instagram if you are a fashion/fitness/travel blogger or Beyonce, but when you are a Forex trader or a real estate agent, it’s impossible to gain many followers. B̶u̶l̶l̶s̶h̶i̶t̶!̶ (censored for more professional version) It’s possible, guys!
Do you remember the formula of Instagram success that I gave you?For those ones who’s brain memory storage is less than 250Mb, I repeat it:
🌀Success on Instagram🌀
=Your Interest 1 + Your Interest 2
"Interest" means something that you really love ❤️and that you are really good at.
Interest 1 determines the main theme of your blog/shop (fashion, travel, cooking, bitcoin mining, motorcycling, etc.)
Interest 2 determines your niche - something that make you different from other fashion bloggers and bitcoin miners.
Read here: #instaconcept_mashasm

Now let’s talk about some not-easy-to-promote fields with real cases.
Imagine an Instagram of a dentist. What do you think of? Besides your dentophobia and rotten wisdom tooth… You imagine the photos of ugly teeth, the cavities and pricey veneers, right?
Check out this dentist: @dentistsinging
No one can be scared of the dentist who can do amazing eyebrow dance and sing his versions of popular songs! I love his versions of Jackson’s Triller, Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts and, of course, Deeeeespacito. Don’t be lazy, find these videos on his page!
His formula of success: 🌀Success🌀 = Interest 1: dentistry + Interest 2: singing

Another example from a medical filed: plastic surgery. How do you see an Instagram page of a plastic surgeon? Photos Before and After, boobs, noses, face lifting and boobs again?
Check out my beloved Instagram
and source of inspiration: @dr.subbio
His videos are hilarious and can easily make even “I-am-all-natural” person follow him. My personal “Top of Subbio’s”: fur coat one, “please help Dr. Subbio”, “I’m a plastic surgeon”, “Game of Thrones”.
Besides funny ones, he posts many educational videos that are also far-far-FAR away from being boring.
His formula of success:
🌀Success🌀 = Interest 1: plastic surgery + Interest 2: art+creativity+humor
So guys…(read further in the first comment ⬇️⬇️⬇️)

If you hope that one day Instagram starts showing your posts to all your followers, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you: it will never happen, post organic reach will keep dropping. But there’s also some good news:you follow me and I can teach you how to deal with this bitchy Instagram algorithm.
Why does organic reach keep dropping?
✅ Huge number of Instagram users;
✅ Instagram’s wish to improve the user’s experience;
✅ New features. Instagram new features - the ability to follow hashtags and the “Recommended for you” section -had a bad impact on the organic reach, as they increased the amount of posts users must scroll through to reach all organic content.
So what should you do to maximize organic reach?
#️⃣ Work on your hashtag strategy like you would work on SEO strategy.Read: #hashtags_mashasm
🦖 (best emoticon ever!) Actively use Stories. Stories are the new Instagram and probably its future — they are at the top of your feed, they have higher organic reach (as less people use them so far),targeted ads in Stories are cheaper and,if they are set up correctly, more effective. To make your Stories look good, use Canva or this tool #instagramtools_mashasm
🌟 Use Story Highlights.Most of the users open Highlights first when they come to your page.
🎥 Post more videos. Instagram’s video engagement numbers are growing much faster than photo’s ones.The organic reach of video posts is higher than that of photo posts. At the same time,carousel (slideshow) posts get the lowest organic reach.
📈Constantly improve your content:from “making one's eyes bleed” to “just boring”, from boring to “hum, not bad”, from not bad to “I need to follow this page”.
💸 Post boosting/promotion. Yep,the easiest way to push your posts to people’s newsfeed is to pay Instagram.
⚖️ Keep tracking your post engagement rate to understand whether your page is doing great or not. Remember:the lower ER, the lower post reach. To calculate ER,divide the number of likes+ saves+comments by your total follower count, which will give you a percentage. Now swipe the picture left and see what ER is okay for your page size.
P.S. Seriously, guys, how awesome are these emoticons 🦖🦕?!

If you have been following me for quite a while, you might have noticed my weekly column TheyDoItBetter (the posts in red color, with the hashtag #theydoitbetter_mashasm).
For these posts I choose a category (types of businesses or blogs) and show successful cases with my suggestions and ideas on how to improve this type of blog.
If you want to talk about YOUR Insta blog, let me know! Write in comments what it is about. For example: a hand made jewelry shop, a food blogger, a fidget spinners store, an Instagram coach that wants to know how to upload a post, a fitness-fashion-cooking-coaching-bitcoin mining “mom of three and happy wife”, etc.
I want to know what YOU want to read about. Though it won’t work with the pages with “inspirational” quotes. Somehow they are so uninspiring that can’t inspire me for post writing 🤷‍♀️
Have a good start of the week, guys, keep call and blog on 😘

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