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Mason Aguirre  Snowboarder, Tattoo Collector, Dog Lover, Olympian , Co-Owner of FRENDS.

Molly has a chest cold, so it was only the 3 of us this time. So happy to spend this Mother's Day with the WHOLE clan. See you on the other side y'all.✌🏼

Came across this today @scottylago @travelindan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. #BadBoyz4Lyfe

Finding Japanese cover bangers and shit while packing for @deserthearts this weekend. Can't wait to get hyphy in the woods this weekend with the best of people's. #Stalefishing

#TBT When I was finally fed up with @chrisjerichofozzy being a Jabroni so I decided to quit snowboarding and pursue my long awaited WWE career. @jackmitrani on the filming/editing/laughing. Such fun times.

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends @beastmodio !! Low key one of the best styles on a snowboard too! #Shredders4LYFE #12yearsago

Brother Mark gettin hitched this summer and shit just got real today. #DaGroomsmen #MarkIsTheShit

The FOMO is real. Stoked to send it with my betty @_oko_ and @markamyers to support #PilePalace camp !!! Hyped to see the homies @kevinandersonaudio @rybomusic spin some fresh tunes !!! Thanks for the train ticket babe!

Rare bonding moment with the goobles. Winnie (right) 36 months 7 days 22 hrs. Max (left) 22 months 5 days 22 hrs. πŸ˜‚

@jeremy___jones has been an innovator and long time pro shred and a part of our community. Super rad to see everyone come together for a shredder/legend in need. Link in my bio for his GoFundMe ! #healuphomie

#TBT footy from my second "part" πŸ˜‚ in 04'. I rode for Palmer Snowboards and Fender Guitars. 540s at the US open were legit at the time.

Very very old shots from my first video part I think 2003. #16mm #ThoughtIwasLegit πŸ˜‚

The real me. #LeBongYeWest

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