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Katie Hiyakumoto  🖤 Do everything with a spirit of excellence

Skiing in Tahoe ⛷ 😻


Suck it up and do the hard things. You’ll be proud of yourself and more confident in other challenges. The more you hide the more you lose yourself. Shout out to my husband, my rock, who never lets me believe in my doubts and lets me be the best version of myself. Discern the voices in your head - the lies from the truth and put your foot on the pedal.

No, you can’t have my food. 😑

Best summer of my life ~

Never taking for granted that I can work out with my husband. Just like when we met, as gym partners before bf/gf, I get to enjoy spending time with him in this way again. For a few years our schedules never worked for us to hit the gym together, there’s nothing like pushing and pulling weight, supporting each other, breaking boundaries, and growing with someone you love.

Eyes closed to shut out any immediate discomforts, working out has been my way of understanding how to cope through life’s “difficulties.” You know what you need to do to get to where you want to be, anything you feel, see, or hear that throws you off course can be pushed through. Nothing worth having comes easy. Working out and eating right is like working hard, doing the right thing, making’s not easy but truly places you in a state of joy because deep down you didn’t cheat or be lazy your way through it. Results show for themselves. With lifting, I’ve definitely had to work to get my mind back into it. I’m just like you, I’ve “started over” many times over the last few years. And even before I really found my momentum in my own fitness journey. Focus, be honest with yourself, and respect yourself enough to say no to things that are temporary. Discipline drawing a line knowing where your weaknesses are, or where there’s nothing to contribute towards your goal. It’s not a strict, hardcore, thing. It’s being fully aware of honest, focus, set your boundaries, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The “secret” was to always. show. up. and keep going no matter the setback.

New year, same goal, stay consistent and push myself towards new things. Happy 2019! Tbt miss youu @_yvonnemonique 😭

Christmas 2018 with Yao Ming

💀💀💀 We both made some awesome PR’s today at the cost of bodily function for the next few days. #waddle #fever #hnlmarathon

Ain’t that the one cares how much you know until they know how much you care

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