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Masada Mpc  LazyChop,ProjectPreview inventor/Originator of cycle layer kits/Creator of the Masada cycle kit volume series.Akai Beta tester/Akai conceptualist

Made something weird but dont know how you feel about it? Heres mine.tag me with yours .respect bredren THECYCLEKIT.COM Masada Support Each other! Not my best but so what!!

Regrann from @mpcstuff - We got the Oreo look on the MPCX to match the MPCstuff warehouse floors. #mpcx #mpcstuff #custommpc #whitepads #akaipro #akaimpc #oreo - #regrann Om not made at this one

Lay back and relax..its Thursday 1 day to go till your 3 day weekend .respect bredren THECYCLEKIT.COM MASADA

Off beat trap music anyone?all ways trying to expand my game...respect bredren THECYCLEKIT.COM MASADA

On my 90s off beat kinda vibe tonight. Respect bredren THECYCLEKIT.COM Masada

The @wiseintelligent LP is done!!! @masadampc on the track!!! Y’all ain’t ready! @wiseintelligent ・・・
#wiseintelligent #ponzie #back2school5thperiod #comingsooner

What's are y'all working on this weekend? Me more videos.. Respect Bredren THECYCLEKIT.COM

in commemoration of being called the N word today while shopping for a new home .I made this..I take all energy and place it in my art..Good and bad..It is what it is. Respect Bredren THECYCLEKIT.COM ,Masada

Producer a new kontakt instrument called BLUE by can make it say whatever you want.having fun with my name.mught make a beat with it...that might be too vain lol THECYCLEKIT.COM Masada

Felt a little old school ish...My music normally reflects my mood. THECYCLEKIT.COM always respect. Masada

Im Curious.To all my Mpc X and Mpc Live owners & potential owners do yall leave the protective plastic on or off? Me about yall? THECYCLEKIT.COM

Late night sessions don't always go as planned but we move forward.thats what we do! THECYCLEKIT.COM Respect bredren,Masada

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