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555x3! (19yo. BW:168)
Like basically on a deadlift bar so this was extremely shaky and difficult lol but I’ll take it!

505 for 6’s I think... (19yo. BW:168)

Trying something new! Felt ok I guess.

510x6 (19yo. BW:168)

Hate this angle cause they look high from far side, only angle i have though.
Peep dat new @friespower shirt. 🔥🔥

350x1 (19yo. BW: 168)

Finally growing up. Slowly though

585 for 2’s after squats (19yo. BW:168)
Felt bad

550x3 :/ (19yo. BW:168)

Was supposed to do 4 but this trash bar whipped and almost killed me on the bottom on the third rep. Hipped popped but it feels fine

500x6 (19yo. BW: 168) .
This is super nice buried in fatigue :)

500 for 8s (19yo. BW:168)
Jus werkin

520x5 (19yo. BW: 168)
Back is pretty sore, but keep the gains rolling :)

470 for some 7s! (19yo. BW:168)
Hair down PR I️ believe?

510x5 (19yo. BW:168)
Possibly a rep PR not sure, def pretty easy though!

*6 plate deadlift* “I (SLEEP)” *buy 1 Get one free cottage cheese at the store* “REAL SH#T?” Happy Halloween!

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