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Marza Guns  🔫Original Firearm Photography📸 ft. Dr Mew from @mandamarza

Pricey lower meets pricey upper.
Loving the custom touch of pink cerakoted Talon safety, pairs well with the gold trigger.

@radianweapons upper
@noveske_llc pistol lower
@faxonfirearms barrel
@americantrigger trigger
@cpd_mags magazine
@eotech exps 2-2
@sb.tactical SBA3
Most parts from @brownellsinc!
#ar15 #gunparts #sweetbuild #arpistol #bureauofpropaganda #pewpewmachine #eotech #tactical

Damnnnn #wcw
Ultra fine Dr Mew finally did clothes shopping that I actually approve of.. Shirt is from @radianweapons. Get you a girl that proudly wears stuff like in public. I really got pretty damn lucky snagging @mandamarza all to myself!
She is even more attractive when I know she’s conceal carrying 😍😳💦😌
#wifeymaterial #girlswhoshoot #badasschick #iputababyinher #radianmade #hotstuff

So many spare parts makes range days feel like trying to coordinate clothes for a party!
Gotta love being able to mix and match with AR’s.
Upper Top: @faxonfirearms 300 Blackout
Upper Bottom: @radianweapons
@ferroconcepts slingster
Faxon TiN BCG and a NiB BCG
Radian Raptor SD’s
@griffonindustries HMMS
#arparts #gunparts #bcg #toys #gunstore #ar15build #arbuild

3x @faxonfirearms builds 🔥
16” .223 Wylde (416R match barrel), 9” 300 Blackout (416R match barrel), 10.5” 5.56 NATO (4150 QPQ)
2x @americantrigger on the $$ match grade builds, and a @geissele on the right
Both pistols have the obvious choice of @sb.tactical SBA3 braces
Cerakoted and parts from @riflesupply
Which would you pick up first??
#faxonfirearms #goldtrigger #ar15build #223 #arparts #arbuild #arpistol #bmwm3 #gunsandcars #fde #cerakote

Always travel with your lower separated from the upper. Especially if you’re in CA. You never know what random issue you’re not in compliance with. If you don’t have a mag lock installed, throw one in the bag. You had intent to construct with the compliance device before you would assemble the upper back on the lower. It can only help your case.
Upper: @titanballistics
Optic: @primaryarms
Bag: @haleystrategicofficial
Lower: @noveske_llc
Trigger: @americantrigger
Timer: @pactinc

#arparts #gunbag #compliance #gunlaws #gunrights #optics #rangeday #pewpewlife

There’s a lot of people these days pushing to bump up from 10.5” to 11.5” or 12.5” for 5.56 NATO. Or to avoid 10.5” altogether and go shorter with 300 Blackout. Well, Blackout can get too expensive to shoot often, and 10.5” 5.56 feels great to me! As long as you have the right buffer weight and properly gassed, things feel perfect.
@radianweapons upper / rail / BCG / raptor
@faxonfirearms 10.5” pencil barrel
@americantrigger flat trigger
@griffonindustries HMMS
@sb.tactical SBA3
@cpd_mags mag
@eotech glass
@bravocompanyusa grips

#radianweapons #faxonfirearms #mk18 #556 #300blackout #arpistol
#gunparts #shorty

California’s worst nightmare..
The assault straw!!
Jk that’s a @faxonfirearms match series 9” 300 blackout barrel 🔥
416R, 5R rifling, NP3 extension
#barrels #faxonfirearms #chickfila #strawban #300blackout #arpistol

When 1 MOA isn’t good enough..
@titanballistics 16” upper with arguably my favorite muzzle brake ever, with their well paired 16.5” trident rail. Optics is the @primaryarms 1-6x gen 3 LPVO with the famous ACSS reticle.
NiB BCG matching the NP3 @radianweapons Raptor and Talon and silver @velocitytriggers mag release. Still kept the gold @americantrigger though, bc gold triggers are 🔥 and Mew refuses to have anything else. I don’t blame her.
AR is fully compliant with state laws

300 AAC Blackout >> 5.56 NATO
If only the price per round wasn’t also >>
@faxonfirearms complete upper, match series 9” with 416R SS and 5R rifling -which comes PERFECTLY gassed, do not add an adjustable gas block if you’re not suppressing, TiN BCG and their 9” rail. Muzzle is a Noveske KX5 and @radianweapons Raptor SD cerakoted in gold.
@titanballistics CA legal pistol lower has a @sb.tactical SBA3 with an H2 buffer and @americantrigger Flat trigger
Also in pic is a small @griffonindustries bag in multicam that holds my match ammo, plus a @ferroconcepts Slingster in multicam black.
#300blackout #300aac #arpistol #suppressed #sbr #ferroconcepts #ar15

Full Auto SBR, just as our founding fathers intended. Only thing more 🇺🇸 would be a nice suppressor at the end 🤫😎
#krissusa #fullauto #class3 #smg #machinegun #bumpstock #45acp #sbr

40 rounds of 9mm suppressed felt like a .22 LR in the Vector. Makes you want to upsize to a 10mm to really feel the freedom!
Girl: Dr Mew @marzaauto
Gun: @krissusainc Vector
Timer: @pactinc
Ear Pro: @noisefighters gel pads with @griffonindustries head cover in multicam black

Spending the day with Dr Mew @marzaauto and a bunch of full auto @krissusainc Vectors in 45, 9 and 10mm 😬. This is just a sneak peak. The Kriss crew had some unreal $$$ cameras. Can’t wait to see their finished product 😎
Would love to own one of these in 10mm.. but the convenience to pair with all the 9mm we shoot is a real factor. Decisions decisions..
#KRISSUSA #fullauto #badasschick #wifeymaterial #gungirl #eotech #10mm #9mm

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