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Mary Wilcox

"Planning your next move? Where do you figure on going?"
"Here. Area code 406. Montana."
"...Sounds like his mind's made up. Good luck in Montana, kid." #montanalove #homeismontana #memorialdayweekend

Happy Mother's Day to my mom. Every Sunday I'm at home, my mom makes grilled tuna sandwiches after church. Because she knows I don't like tuna, my mom will make me a separate grilled cheese. She doesn't have to do that, I can make my own sandwiches, I always offer. But she does anyway. Because she loves me. Thanks for all the grilled cheeses, mom. I love you. Oh and thanks for cheesing in these the last time we went to Lagoon. 😂❤️

The number of pictures we had to take to get this one is probably embarrassing. Oh well! #tbt #marytakestheburgh #dontyoutestthesebesties

Montana day? Well, if you insist. I miss you, home state. Let's play again soon, okay? #406day #montanalove #takemehome #lastbestplace

Sunny evenings in downtown Salt Lake City. #springtime #monday #saltlaketemple

I hadn't baked anything in a while, so I came back in style. Cinnamon rolls for conference. It's tradition, after all. #conferenceweekend #tradition #ibakealot

As I went back to work this morning, I couldn't help but want to just be back in Pittsburgh with @jessmxwell, looking for Diet Cokes instead of Pepsi, and probably going to Target. #marytakestheburgh #pittsburgh #vacationmood

So, I went on vacation this week. Sorry, not sorry for the overload of pictures. #pittsburgh #ifinallytooktimeoff #marytakestheburgh

Ok, so it may not be the New York Carnegie Hall, but I'm going to pretend it is anyway. #samethingright #not #marytakestheburgh

#tbt to birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese and blonde Mary. Why isn't Chuck E. Cheese as cool as it used to be? #babymary #indianadays #foundatgrandpashouse

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