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Rozzi  Photographer+Director Founder @theseptemberissues // order here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Last night I lit a candle and said a little prayer of thanks for everything and everyone who’s come into my life over the past 5 years. As hard as it is, the time comes to turn the pages in your life...Today marks the end of an era for me. I’ve never been so excited for this next chapter🖤
ps (How heartwarming that 1234 is playing in the background while I write this. @feistmusic you always show up at the right moment to remind me that my life is right on track 😉) image by me for @theseptemberissues art direction @late_night_online_shopping hands @0ramalamafafafa0 nails @britneytokyo @yakuzafingers Production @gillian_doyle @theiriscircle
Shot on #kodak @kodakprofessional

@mounafadiga from a series I shot for the @theseptemberissues
Thanks to my brilliant team
@gillian_doyle @late_night_online_shopping @shiv_lyons - I love you all so much. 😅 🙏🏻
make up @glorianoto
hair @mattshair
Nails @britneytokyo and @yakuzafingers
set design @nativesilver
production @theiriscircle
shot on @kodakprofessional

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Friendly reminder that or favorite showgirl @loveisbailey is expanding the artist in residency program at the @savageranch - a queer sanctuary where selected artists can come to create their wildest fantasies in nature, free from any sexual or racial discrimination.
She has launched an Indie Gogo campaign to raise money for a new building on the ranch and needs our help❗️
Head to the link in Love’s bio to view and support the campaign. ✨💋💄
Image by @maryrozzi for issue 1
#theseptemberissues #transawarenessweek

Repost from @theimpossiblemuse thank you for your strength and inspiration. It was a pleasure spending the day with you ♥️ shot by me for @theseptemberissues
——words by Lauren Wasser————-
‘Some days I look back at the darkest moments and I honestly can’t believe I made it through. For anyone facing something in life I pray and hope my story and journey will inspire you to keep pushing! keep those around you that love and encourage and help you. One thing on this path I learned is that you can only control your mind and the actions that follow. Keep a positive mindset and believe and have faith 🙏🏻❤️ My tattoos all mean something, especially these on my neck.
I got sugar tattooed on me for my grandfather who passed. That was his name for me❤️ The 3 birds above the praying hands I got for my godfather Dan Fegan who passed away in February. When I was in the ICU and fighting for my life he and my mother never left my side. Dan would play Bob Marley “three little birds” and sing “everything’s gonna be alright” and by the grace of God I am alright. I carry him and my gramps and everyone I lost in my heart and wear their memories in my tattoos.’ #keeppushing #dontgiveup
Team credits:
Photo @maryrozzi
Makeup @danadelaney
Hair @annalylesstyle
Production @gillian_doyle @theiriscircle@theimpossiblemuse soecial@thanks @livpeeke

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I absolutely loved meeting, photographing and getting to know this incredible artist. Follow her travels as she DJ’s, performs, speaks and broadcasts her show live on @nts_radio . Buy a copy of @theseptemberissues to read the whole story written by @jillian_billard
Link in bio. ❣️
Special thanks to @lgamma ・・・
Find me in the latest edition of @theseptemberissues magazine ❤️ Big thanks to @maryrozzi @shiv_lyons @gillian_doyle for the feature in such a great publication that celebrates the female force 💪🏽💕🙇🏻‍♀️ Photos by @maryrozzi with the help of @kodakprofessional 📸 #theseptemberissues


My new editorial featuring @alewyademmisse11 for the new issue of @theseptemberissues ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Order a copy online now 💚Link in bio💚
fashion director @shiv_lyons
makeup @jofrostmakeup
hair @camden4
nails @miakinails
production @gillian_doyle @theiriscircle
dress @roksandailincic
earrings @mariablackjewellery
design director @late_night_online_shopping
post @postapollo and @iconla ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Very special thanks to @Kodakprofessional and @mykillj for all your support this issue! 😍

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Let’s do a nipple takeover!!! I photographed this beautiful woman @gillian_doyle and her beautiful breast for @theseptemberissues
We urge you to repost and keep the nipple alive!!! *TEXT EDIT* Howwwww is this still up?!? Did we actually succeed in freeing the nipple???🤔🤔lolol
We encourage everybody to repost this image so we can do a NIPPLE TAKOVER!!! #keepthenipplealive Muahahaaaa✨✨✨
Per usual, we are posting unblurred😊
Please enjoy @gillian_doyle’s nipple while you can before it inevitably gets taken down 🙄 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
photography @maryrozzi
concept + styling @shiv_lyons
#theseptemberissues #powerofthefemme #freethenipple@theseptemberissues

Cover 2 for @theseptemberissues This issue—our third—is a study on seduction. As a magazine, we wanted to rescue seduction from misogynist tropes and dismantle old-fashioned definitions. We invited our contributors to explore their own definitions and relationships with seduction, and I am so inspired by the revisionist takes on the topic. Within these pages, I believe we have made a powerful case for how seduction as an uninhibited, creative exploration of attraction and sensuality ultimately leads to self-discovery, self-love, and self-understanding.
The work of the diverse, talented artists featured in this issue reflects evolving societal values and what it means to examine tenderness and intimacy with ourselves. Creative output in the context of a magazine is such a fertile frontier to examine representation and responsibility as a community.
Questions of identity are a constant for me and many women I know: What does it mean to be my best self? What does personal responsibility and power look like? We are the stories we tell ourselves - our inner dialogue is our outer manifestation. I see self-seduction as an amazing, creative act to turn our attention inward. What do we say to ourselves and how do we engage in seduction to get out the door each day? And what do we actually consider seductive?
Each volume of The September Issues we align ourselves with a group, nonprofit or cause that we support by creating awareness. Issue 0 we dedicated to Planned Parenthood, Issue 1 was the embrace of Me Too, and for this issue we stand with Crisis Text Line.
We are a bi-annual magazine of only women contributors. The brave and compelling work within Issue 2 takes on the gray areas of seduction—the messiness, the tenderness, the playfulness, and the sexiness. Buy a copy online now. Link in my bio. Thank you!
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Outtake from my new story in @theseptemberissues
there were so many good images but not enough pages. So thrilled we can share them here on Instagram.
style @shiv_lyons
art direction @late_night_online_shopping
model @thalercarolina
production @gillian_doyle @theiriscircle
leather belts by @matthewready_objects
make up @glorianoto
hair @mattshair
special thanks to @mykillj and @kodakprofessional @jerrold.blackwell and @nextmodelsla

First of all- #freethenipple !!! Pretty sad that we need to black out what is natural and beautiful about a woman.
Many thanks to @aniacatherine for so elegantly posing with @nativesilver ‘s beautiful handcrafted ceramic dildo. This idea came to light, when myself and my team were speaking about the idea of seduction for the next issue of @theseptemberissues
We wanted to speak to taking away the shame and stigma surrounded around self pleasure. After reaching out to many brands and manufacturers of sex toys, I was quite disappointed by their lack of support in getting behind this idea with a magazine such as ours- one that promotes empowerment, body positivity, beauty, community, self love and self expression. The September Issues is a place to open new conversations and to change our points of view of ongoing ones.. We are building a strong foundation. We’ve all put a lot of our hearts, souls, time and attention into every page of the 288 pages in the publication.
I guarantee you will feel that as you turn each page. I’m told there is nothing like it out there...we are unique.
We have no advertising and are self and contributor funded. Thank you to everyone for their hard work, dedication and for believing in this publication.
❣️Pick up a copy and take part in the community of artists and women we are building. I hope you enjoy this issue. We appreciate your support. ❣️@maryrozzi editor in chief.
Shot on @kodakprofessional -

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