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• That feeling when you’ve arrived at the office but your podcast episode isn’t over. 😳 Do I do a few more laps around the block? Call in sick? Fake my own kidnapping? 😑 On, I just posted a round-up of the best podcasts (as voted on by you!) and they’re GOOD. Also, be sure to catch up on yesterday’s post as well which rounds up the best books of 2018. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably planning on listening to those on your commute as well (#audibleaddict). 🤓 • #bestpodcasts #bestbooks #currentlywearing #classicstyle #memorandum

• Last week on instastories I asked you to share all of your 2018 “bests” in the areas of skincare, beauty, clothing, travel, books, shows, movies, podcasts and more. Needless to say, you guys DELIVERED. This week I’ve been posting best-of lists across all the aforementioned topics and there are many more to go! Catch up on and be warned: the most recent post that lists your best clothing discoveries of the year is a real danger zone. We’re talking the best blazers, leggings, denim (that’s super affordable!) and other must-have closet staples that literally thousands of you claim you can’t live without... and who am I to disagree? Happy Friday! ❤️ • #memorandum #classicstyle #plaidblazer #workwear #officestyle

• Me looking at everyone on IG saying I’M SO REFRESHED AND DOMINATING MY 2019 RESOLUTIONS AND DRINKING CELERY JUICE while I’m over here like WHERE AM I ARE U 100% SURE THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMPLETELY DONE? 🤕 I feel like I blinked and it was over, perhaps because I spent much of our time away sick as a dog. 🐶 It's been a tad overwhelming getting into the swing of things this week but hey, humpday is over which means it's basically Thursday which is pretty much Friday which is the weekend so we're kind of already there, right? 🙃 Also, wearing obnoxiously bright colors helps a LOT. 🌈 PS - There’s a v dramatic discussion about celery juice happening in stories and I apologize in advance. • #newyearsameme #classicstyle #currentlywearing

• raise your hand if you never put real clothes on today 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m finally starting to feel humanoid again after being drop-kicked by the stomach flu last week. Thank you for all your well-wishes!! ❤️ • #home #lazysunday

• Savoring our last couple days with my family in Wisconsin, I’m currently staring out at a sea of freshly fallen snow which seems like a fitting tableau for ringing in the new year. There’s always lots of talk of resolutions on NYE, but whether or not you’ve made a laundry list of things you’d like to accomplish in 2019, I hope you see the new year as a clean slate, a fresh start, an exciting new beginning. Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy, happy, fun-filled New Year. 💫

And if you need a good laugh to ring in the new year, I rounded up my most ridiculous memes and other psychotic instastories from 2018 in highlights entitled Absurdities 1 & 2. 🙈 Cheers! 🍾 •
#nye #happynewyear

• Me looking at anyone who says “SEE YOU NEXT YEAR” at the end of December. 😳 And if you’ve already said this to someone, check stories for my deepest, darkest secret. 😭 • #justdont #please #2018favorite #classicstyle #stripes #carolinaherrera

• Me looking back trying to remember the last time I put on makeup or real clothes. 🥴 Speaking of looking back, I am working on a “best of 2018“ post and need your help so head to my stories to cast your votes on the year’s best books, shows, beauty products, podcasts, and lots more! • #bestof2018 #lookingback #classicstyle #lace #redlip

• Sending each and every one of you all of my love and best wishes for the Merriest Christmas! ❤️💫 Took this video this evening en route to Christmas dinner with my family when it had just started to lightly snow. You can hardly see any snowflakes falling in the video but we had a white Christmas, I SWEAR. ❄️😂 • #merrychristmas #whitechristmas #classicstyle #beret

• I need at least three drinks before I agree to start taking requests 🍾🎹🎄 • #myfavoritespot #tonightsplans #piano #christmascarols #fairisle

• It’s peak plaid season, everybody. Stay safe out there.🎄• #plaid #holidaystyle #classicstyle

• *Me stepping outside everyday wondering if it’s Christmas yet.* Rich: You could also just look at a calendar. • #imarriedscrooge #isitchristmasyet #classicstyle

• There’s one more week of work and one week until Christmas Eve. It’s officially time to deck yourself before you wreck yourself. Today’s Monday Memo on has three AMAZING holiday recipes so you can win Christmas (not that it’s a competition but like... go for the gold, champ), the best online destination for last minute shopping, killer white elephant gifts, the movie I can’t wait to see this week and lots more! • #stillhopingforawhitechristmas #whitechristmas #classicstyle #holidaystyle

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