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all the love...thank you, we felt it all. Before, during and after...there in the forest and later with everyone's kind comments and congratulations. @ctriponez

So on Saturday, we started our run from opposite trail heads...we met in the middle..and in front of our children...I married my love...It was the longest, most beautiful aisle through a cathedral of redwoods🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲#thebridewore @lululemon @athleta @nike

Glad to have a chance to see the Black Panther show at @oaklandmuseumca before it ends. With @dylanmeyerhoffer

spent the day in a workshop/thinktank at @instituteforthefuture discussing how the internet of things is moving towards the internet of actions. This was on their window.. seems pretty accurate these days - - - - - - #futurist #designthinking #thefuture #techgeek #designer #uxdesign #experiencedesign #branding -#futurebrand #learning #beactive #care

I love teaching because clients tend to want to have their thinking confirmed, whereas students want you to change the way they think. I'm excited about my class I teach this semester. It's a geeky one🤓.... in short: it's about branding, design and UX in the future world of the Internet of Things. It's sponsored by @instituteforthefuture. - In very long form (for my fellow nerds), 😜 The class is called Actionable Matter: technologies taking action on/in our world. I team teach with another professor whom I first worked with at Xerox Parc- Scott Minneman
The Internet is on the brink of a massive transformation, from circulating information to being about actions, taken based upon increasingly sophisticated reasoning. Networking has spread a layer of API atop much of our reality, and ambient intelligence will soon be imbued into every object and space. Everything around us, on us, and even inside us will be sensing, then acting, and eventually deciding. As our world becomes increasingly permeated by machine intelligence, the objects we use and the spaces we inhabit will become as anticipatory and tailored as our entertainment, news, and communication are becoming, today. Initially, a word or gesture from us may trigger an orchestrated cascade of digital and physical activities, eventually getting to where systems will be anticipating our needs and even acting in our stead. Over time, this is going to change how many things in our lives get done, from how we occupy our living spaces to how we get around to how we work and shop and entertain ourselves. We need to think this through now, and craft the directions it’s going, lest we end up with a world we don’t want to live in. Lots of conflicting forces are at work here, and how the worlds of identity and brand emerge from the far side of this transformation has yet to be seen. This course will examine this emerging future in a highly multidisciplinary way, using tools and techniques from interaction design, experience design, branding, graphic design, and more.
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Alternative Fact: I was at work today. I was not waist deep in fresh powder. #alternativefact #squawvalley, #snowboarding #tahoe

#women #womensmarch #womensmarchsf 100,000 strong 💪💪🏻💪🏽💪🏿

In the darkness and the rain, I tried to run away from it all.. but tomorrow I'll march.

Trail running the places where I grew up. #trailrunning #hometown #wintertrail #connecticut #newenglandgirl

Just in case you were wondering .. the flight attendants #boobs on United are friendly and there's shy perks for Mileage Plus Members "down there"! As a Graphic Designer, I can assure you that Type placement over a full page advertisement is never haphazard. @united_airlines_offical Either you guys are really "going there", in which case..."brave and bold" 👊) or your agency just played you 🙊.. . #flythefriendlyskies #frequentflyer #advertisement #advertisingagency #womenempowerment #womenfashion -#boobs #glassceiling #airlines #airlinehumor #mileageplusexplorer #upintheair -#milehighclub

When the storm hits hard and there's new rivers to cross, find the fallen trees and just dab. ---
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