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MJ Barrett  Cat Lady, Wife & Mother ✨

Just look at him, he's got a really crampy and windy tummy today ❀️ if anyone has any tips for a really colicky baby that we might not of tried yet, please let me know πŸ’¨

I may not be feeling at my best at the moment but everytime I look at our little man I get reminded that I'm kind of magical for making him ❀️

Even though we had a few awful people cross our path today, we have spent our day surrounded by people who are there to support us, even if Aubrey is crying at the top of his lungs or I'm crying because of nasty comments from strangers. .

Thanks for the love today ❀️ .

And if you're one of those people that tuts or shoots a judgemental look to parents. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk you πŸ–•

Boobie feedin' in the woods last weekend 🌳
Today has been tough, Aubrey has been really unsettled and I've been feeling low. Luckily for me my mum is a mind reader and popped round for a cuppa while Rick is out at meetings. And she's taking us to Ikea tomorrow, and I ruddy ❀️ Ikea! .
Tomorrow will be a better day ❀️

Before we went to the wedding of the BEST neighbours ever πŸ’• .
As you can see Aubrey was so excited 😁

I could eat about ten of the caramel brownies from @theflowercupchester right now β˜•οΈ I could also do with the strongest latte to get me through the little mans hourly feeds please πŸ‘

After feeling horribly lonely and just awful the past week, today reminded me that I'm most definitely not alone. Thank you for being one of my many beautiful friends Sarah, you really sorted me out today πŸ’• .
Also guess who made it to Yoga this morning? The little man and I that's who ✨

Some of the treats that I have been spoiled with recently πŸ’• .
My friends and family are da πŸ’£ #Lush #ChesterLush

Can't believe you're over a month old πŸ–€

Heartbroken that I've had to cancel my first Yoga class after having Aubrey due to zero sleep and an aching body πŸ˜” .
Being a mother is wonderful and this past month has been the best and most rewarding of my life but also the hardest. .
I know everyone means well, but being told I'm a "natural" all the time when I'm trying my hardest is starting to make me question if I'm just a bit of a wimp and need to get a grip πŸ˜• . We'll try Baby Sling Yoga next week little man (fingers crossed) 🀞
.P.S. Photo definitely not from today πŸ’€

Sometimes you've just gotta #TreatYoSelf ✨
My @bettyratbag collection is rapidly growing

Look at all 9lb 13oz of my little man .
Going to forever be bragging about my magical boobies πŸ’¦

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