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Mary Warner  "But I do think there’s a mandate now to make work that feels meaningful in some capacity—not mercenary." -Amanda Petrusich


It’s been one week since the horrific loss of life in my home state. I’m so proud of these students for doing what so many adults won’t do. I remember Columbine—back then a school shooting seemed like an outlier, but it’s not any more. Some people seem to think this is ok. Our complacency has cost the following lives: Alyssa Alhadeff, 14
Scott Beigel, 35
Martin Duque Anguiano, 14
Aaron Feis, 37
Jaime Guttenberg, 14
Chris Hixon, 49
Luke Hoyer, 15
Cara Loughran, 14
Gina Montalto, 14
Joaquin Oliver, 17
Alaina Petty, 14
Meadow Pollack, 18
Helena Ramsay, 17
Alex Schachter, 14
Carmen Schentrup, 16
Peter Wang, 15

Spending the last day of this Tet holiday with my husband drawing, making hamburgers and watching reruns of the Office. It’s been an amazing start to the Lunar New Year with fireworks, lots of cooking and of course, some serious dreaming together. Partnership can really kick ass sometimes. I’m looking forward to losing myself in my design work and another long walk in my motherland this year. Trying to pigeon hole myself into doing just one thing wasn’t working last year and made me kind of miserable. More on that in an upcoming IG story—it’s a topic a lot of us can talk about. Thank you to every one who has supported me in my business, my livelihood. Leaving a corporate job wasn’t easy, but being able to really support people with my brand strategy work and delight you all who love my art (especially Contessa) makes my heart happy. 🖤 And btw, this is a bloom from our Tet tree which we named Flora. She’s nearly all green now.

New year (in Asia anyway), old love. I am so grateful for my single years. They made me the partner I am today. I wouldn’t choose one or the other because both ways of being in relationship with myself & another has taught me to love, and love fiercely. Happy Valentine’s to you!

Look who decided to show her face. Well, kind of anyway. Happy Fat Tuesday! #lebontempsroule

My twin sister lost sweet Biggie (Magdalena) a few weeks ago. She joined her sister Littles (Jezebelle) in an endless sunflower paradise. When a beloved animal dies, you can’t deny the feeling of connectedness to all living things. Rest in Peace sweet Maggie. I will miss your cuddles & sweet knowing.


Tet is a magical time for me. The focus is on family & new beginnings. Everyone has a Tet tree in their home like this one, a cherry tree, or an orange tree. They are everywhere! Just see my IG stories to see what I mean. We picked a living bonsai this year instead of a large branch style. Since I name all my plants, we’ve named her Flora after the Roman goddess of Spring. This year Tet falls during Valentines week, and last year Michael gave me a Juniper bonsai in lieu of cut flowers. This tree is an homage to our love, the seed for which was planted in the States 24 years ago, but blossomed in Asia, where we now call home.

Work-in-Progress. I’m on the fence with how dark this black is. Trying a black wash on the next part, which I can go over if I don’t like or cut the heavier part off of I do like. It’s over sixty inches long so I have paper to spare. This design came to me after seeing a mushroom @harrywarneroutdoors found on one of his walks. Inspiration can come anywhere. Stay looking. Oh and don’t worry, still doing flowers but zooming in on the tiny universes that is the plant world. Also, I love fractals.

The slightest decay & they end up in the trash because flowers here are so inexpensive.

2017 & 2018 seem to be the years of the babies. To all my friends who have welcomed new babes into the world, thinking of you.

Be whatever you want to be. #truth #dadsadvice #beekeepersdaughter

The last week was a blur of work. I was so caught up in my to-do list, which even included things that were supposed ground me, that I became miserable. I woke up to this after a grueling night of work. Michael hung it. “Happiness for all,” it says. We bought it yesterday from a calligrapher who wanted to offer us a blessing. It was exactly what I needed.

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