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  A picture tells a thousand stories ✎ Everything Philippines 🏝 Sharing only DREAMY moments✨ Obsessed with quotes 🌺

Imagine the best version of yourself. That’s who you’re meant to be. Let go of all the parts that does not believe in it. - C.Assad Amazing photo by the Amazing @iwwm

“It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do.” Have you ever gone firefly watching? I was in awe of their beauty it drew me to tears. You can only find fireflies in extremely clean and healthy surroundings. ✨ photo & video by the creative genius that is @hobopeeba

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was a city girl. I couldn’t understand people who sought adventure and places unknown. My comfort zone promised... well, comfort. All the pieces in my life’s puzzle suddenly felt missing. It was then I learned one of the most invaluable lessons of my life: We each have batteries that need to be recharged. An obvious point, but an important one, one we may have a tendency to put off. The irony of it all, polar opposite to gadgets, us humans need to detach and distance ourselves from technology and from people. Go find yourself and fill your battery. Nothing rejuvinates the human mind and spirit like nature. P.S the skirt matches my view 📷: @hobopeeba

“Focusing on yourself is really one of the least selfish things you can do.” - @humblethepoet 📷: @ninjarod

Have you noticed that there are people who have everything others can dream of and still they are unhappy? Or that there are others who seem to have so little, yet enjoy their lives? The difference can’t be in having or not having things then — money, cars, houses.
What is it then?
What is your vision of life? What do you think of it? Do you enjoy it? What do you like in it? Those questions lead to some answers if you start asking them to yourself.
On the other hand, if you ask: Why is it so bad? Why is my life such a mess? Why do people hate me? What is wrong with the world? We get different answers.
The funny thing is that there will always be answers out there to your questions, as you will always find what you’re looking for. That’s why which answers you get depends on the questions you ask. Want a better life? Ask better questions. Text by Andrew Goldman 📷: @iwwm

Gosh I haven’t posted in nearly a month. This allowed serious reflection—about how our DREAMS can backfire and turn against us. Dreams are supposed to make us feel motivated but they do come with the baggage of some fears. And boy do fears breed fears. They mutate and multiply in ways unimaginable. When fears are entertained we start to procrastinate taking steps toward our goals or worse stop trying to pursue them at all. The dream that gave us one amazing reason to wake up each day now feels like a dark cloud looming over. You know what, I thought about this a lot and realised every person behind a successful story has mastered favouring their dreams over their fears. All I ever dreamed of happening before making this account was to be one day featured by @beautifuldestinations. I judged my own dream, I felt people would think it was shallow and in turn made me feel embarrassed to even wish it. I wanted to ask a silly request to whoever made it this far in reading this to help me by tagging them. But I was too scared to ask that I didn’t want to open this page anymore. But you know what makes life easier? Laughing at yourself, not take things too seriously, because —what will be will be!! Now stop listening to your fears, don’t be ashamed and work on that secret dream! 📷: @hobopeeba

Tag a friend who’d climb 700 steps with you to go cotton candy sky gazing during sunset 🍭☁️. 📷: @hobopeeba

Still on a #RoyalWedding high guys. If you could be a princess (or a ruler of anything) what would you be? In my make-believe world, here I am wearing my floral tiara and I would be crowned Princess of all the Crystal Clear Turquoise Waters 👑🌺🤣 Also, it’s taken all of me to not quote Moana’s song right now so if you can’t help it please feel free to share your favourite line and I’ll be sure to chat with you on the comments box! 📷: @ninjarod

I have fallen
in and out
of love
with myself
too many times
to ever hold it
against you
for doing
the same. 🕊
-chloe frayne
📷: @iwwm

Just pretending to chill on the edge of this tiny boat because it took what felt like an eternity to enter the ocean where these water giants pranced. Did not help at all when they (they were bigger than the boat) brushed my feet countless of times!
I am the scardiest cat you will ever meet and I have made practically every excuse to not push thru with this activity. But life is really funny—all of a sudden you are in places you never even knew existed and you are doing things you never thought you could do. This is the moment you GROW. ..
Tag your scardiest cat friend and ask if they would dare jump in these cold, cold waters with you! 🐋 @iwwm

I dream of you in colours that don’t exist 🌙 📷:@iwwm

Be strong enough to stand alone🏝 just had to ask, how cute is this mini coco tree though 📷:@iwwm

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