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We are on the road! First @scarletcrowmusic gig together since New Years. Coming out of winter hibernation for a string of magical summer performances starting off this weekend at Project Earth!! See you soon familia!!! @mamacrowmusic @maryastark #projectearth #scarletcrow #wookiefoot #summertour #ontheroadagain


Gearing up for these upcoming performances. So excited to sing with friends and share new songs. .
Headed out to Project Earth this weekend w @scarletcrowmusic. Then back to back Bay Area shows with @mamacrowmusic and @atomanegg. .
See you soon loves
Summer magic begins!

Sing in the moonlit night
Under velvet woven light
Sea of broken stars
Satin fire tiptoe hearth

2 weeks of camping
Got me feeling like this

Loving this beautiful elegant art from @jennifercurrieart .
she is hosting an online series called Creative Soul, focusing on becoming a thriving artist- beginning today. I'm stoked she asked me to be part of the conversation. .
If you are feeling the fires of creative magic alive in you and are wanting some inspiration to fan the flames, head on over to the link in @jennifercurrieart 's bio and tune in with us. #creativesoul #thrivingartist #lettinggoofthestarvingartistnarrative #soulgifts #unleashyourmagic #whatareyouwaitingfor

Thunder Whisperer
River Priest
the gate of my spirit
has been closed for too long
I beg you please
drum me open
with the steadiness
and precision
of your medicine sticks
I sit in this ceremony
of rusted tears
where spirit messengers
circle around me
kicking up the dust
clouding my vision
then limpia
sweeping it away
with tender wings
Gallop on
through my resistance to love
Gallop on
with your ancient rhythm
pulsing open the door
to my soul
Gallop on
through the memories
I've stored in me
for too long
through my rage
through my bitter tears
until I burst into revelry
and spill out
the beauty
that overwhelms me
I cannot possibly bear another day
of living with a closed heart
with all this music in me
I lay down my sword at your knees
and bow to this moment
to the wisdom
of the rhythm
breaking me open
skyward .
this moment was captured during a recent recording when my drummer drummed on the back of my heart for the end of the song. it was one of the most powerful moments I've ever had in a recording session.
#poemsofinstagram #poundingheart #drumsession #gadgetbox #sapphire #bloodofthestone #thundersongs #monsoon #worldmusic captured by @gadgetbox

Me and the Octarine Magician went walking through the forest, pondering whether or not we should Shatter some Spells this evening .
Suddenly our friend the Magic Dragon flew onto our hands and spoke in the ancient chaos tongues breathing fire in unseen colors, just as the lore masters had scribed
We laughed and laughed, as the ancestor drums rattled open our blissful rage, pouring the luminosity of wild permissioning through our waking hearts, causing a great dark fairy bell to ring out its calling sound
And the answer was yes.
Most definately. .
#tellingthestory #dragontribe #ether #octarineeyes #octarineoracle #absurdities #collaboration #shatterspell #darkfairies #playtime

'Have you ever
written a poem to the sky'
asked the thunder
To the flame
She responded 'Every poem I write
is to the sky'

Some fresh design on my work station. Making altars everywhere. Claiming this digital creation space and coding my mobile office with the vision of how I feel from the inside out. Rose poetry blooming into the mandala of everything I touch within the crystal grid of interweb and etheric temple building projects. #roseseverywhere #roselineage #rosemagic #unstoppablejoy #claimingmyspace #upgrade #altaryourreality

Good Morning

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