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Marya Stark  Bard⚡Storyteller 🎭 Muse 🔮 Voice Mentor 💎 Womb Wisdom🌹Waterfall Chasing. 💥 Apply for ‘Voice Of My Womb' voice, womb and songwriting online course ⬇️

Herro there
Lets be pals
Thanks for this @rabethreethirtythree

Getting work done w @kr3ture_music on the ferrie. We rocked an awesome new cover song at @imagineorcasisland - can u guess what song???

Finding peace in the storm
‘True Harbor’ by the amazing @autumnskyeart

Morning movement by the water were one of my favorite parts about visiting Orcas Island. .
Thankyou BunnyBadger for this shot #orcasisland #imaginefestival #imagineorcasisland #qigong

So many hilarious and special moments of musing with sir @pappylebeau_music this weekend at @imagineorcasisland. Check out this gorgeous soul’s craft and ancient voice when you get a chance. Thanks for singing w me Trill 💎🌶💎

Calling it in
Octarine Oracle
The color of magic
Today was an epic day of making art with
@subaqueousmusic @kr3ture_music and Water at @imagineorcasisland today. It’s a good life
Thankyou @tiare.tashnick for your design magic.
#octarineeyes #shatterspell #imaginefestival #orcasisland #fusion #archetypal #embodiment

On the ferrie
To meet the faeries .
#orcasisland #imaginefestival @imagineorcasisland


A butterfly
Once emerged
Cannot go back to dream
Inside her cocoon
The shaking epiphany
caused by her rebirth
Has already torn it asunder .
Some moments catch me off guard
That I were such a butterfly
Longing for the comfort
Of a caterpillars final resting place
#morningmuse #poemaday #wordswordswords #instapoet #instapoem #poetsofinstagram #prosenheart #caterpillardreams

Coming up this Weekend! Stoked to be playing @imagineorcasisland for the first time and collaborating with @subaqueousmusic @kr3ture_music and @entheomusic. Woot woot. I love you PNW

All it takes
is one perfect moment
for the heart to widen
as far as the sky
for the milk and honey sound
of a love song
that we will sing
for our whole lives
to begin
#morningmuse #morningprose #poemaday

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