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Valley of the Kings

Landed in Hawaii with @ayapapayawear, getting ready for retreat this week!!

You weren’t limited by sanity
Just yer vanity
The dress you wore
The dance you tore up
Broken glass
And memories

Something in the air
wasn’t sitting right
Made yer fists real tight
Reminded you of all the things
You hate about america
The faces they all stare atcha
Through little frames
On broken walls
Where nothin means a thing at all
You got up and you walked away
From your own words
Upon the page
They couldn’t say it right
And so you lept into the night

Didn’t look back once
to tell them why
You didn’t even say goodbye
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The Diamond Scroll Was Empty
My Feather Pen Made Ready
Ink Formed Of Shadow Tears
And Tales Of The Long Darkness
Haunted By The Depth Of The Realms
I Looked Over At My Many Muses
Each Beckoning My Hearts Longing
In Hopes That I May Be Their Scribe .
But I Had My Own Song To Sing
That Night
My Own Glyph To Carve Into Stone
My Own Story To Write Into The Pages
Of The Permanent Record
Photo @sydniindman_photo
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Never in my life have I felt more like a Phoenix than right now. Covered in the ashes of houses I built and watched burn around me. Drinking in the alchemical tear of the grief, mourning what was, and watching my wings fan out wider than ever before. Impermanence is a humbling force. Disillusionment a bitter pill. And yet the freedom that comes on the other side is immeasurable. I’ve never been more ready to fly .
Photo @pennyslinger
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Spring opens her ears to me
My morning song
Still covered in snow
The melt of ice has set
Rivers of a great remembrance
into motion
Beneath my frozen surface
This Ice Queen has spent Eons
Chisel to crystal
Delicately carving herself
Into a glistening sculpture
Diamond Regality
Tools of liberation
used for craft of sorrow
Every corner
Every curve
An image of who She became
To weather the long darkness
With style
this formal posture
cannot hold fast
To the warming of the star within
As the light of spring
Melts away the glass around me
Inviting my original form
To appear once again
#imbolc #wordswordswords #poetsofinstagram #dreamingspring #prose #morningmuse #turningoftheseason #thawingthefrozenheart #icequeenisreallyamermaid

Grateful for this past week in Salt Lake City. Creative magic making with two of my incredible allies @tessa.shields and @atomanegg. Music, teaching, filming, editing, visioning, playing, learning, laughing. Letting the winds of inspiration move. Courting the winter muses.

Sunlight casts its diamonds
Over a valley of powder white
The clouds have fallen to the earth
Leaving tiny time capsules
Of water prayer
Across every surface
as far as the eye can see
I, a desert bird, am unfamiliar with
the music of the high mountains
The songs of winter have always been
a stretch for my listening
So am I now cradled here in the symphonies of frozen time
Remembering a beauty of stillness
Where a deeper fire is heard
in dreams of seeds
#utah #saltlakecity #coutingthewintersmuse #morningmuse #frozenpoems
#wordswordswords #instapoetry

It is my pleasure to announce that I will be opening for @aylanereo at her Santa Cruz performance of her upcoming national tour. .
If you have not yet had the chance to hear this elegant bards musings, do yourself a favor and have a listen. She’s one of my favorites. Can’t wait to hear her upcoming work. See you in Santa Cruz April 12!

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