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A little clip from this past weekend rocking it with @subaqueousmusic in Portland and Seattle. Stay tuned for more from the Octarine Eyes. We've got Spells to Shatter ;)

'Belonging doesn't require you to change who you are. It requires you to be who you are'
Social media and the experiment of belongingness. Do we belong to each other here?

Star gazer
I see you from across the way
I'm a storm chaser
Who feels the burning of the flame
And the colors rising
Touching the endless nights
Painting auroras flight
With the northern lights .
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“Nothing has transformed my life more than realizing that it’s a waste of time to evaluate my worthiness by weighing the reaction of the people in the stands.” ― Brené Brown
Today's Inspiration
Art by @louijover

In my heart there is a storm
A raging volcanic restless imagining
What worlds become ground
In slow burning forward pivots
A dance of fire and earth
Cooled by the mist
Of a cloud forming to dream with
The elemental guardians
And their Wind torn faces .
This hurricane of electric emotion
That tumbles through the space
Of every beat of the drum
Of my pounding heart
Is Contained only in moments
Held by the prophecy
of a poem
#poemaday #instapoem #instapoet #electricity #inmysoul #magictribe

Falling into water
Fountains of whispers
Bubbling up from iron rich wells
Springs that taste of the rust
of her new moon dreams
Ruby red wings
Wrapping me in the heart
Of interlocking circles
Where I sit
Centered in the sphere
of my infancy

Spinning the pearl
of my most secret becoming
As her waters
pass through my fingers
I recall the countless circles
I've danced
Through and in between
And over
And over again
#chalicewellgardens #avalon #prose #healingwaters

This amazing creature right here. @laurahollicksoulartstudio is a wild creative visionary. Such a muse. She is hosting an international soul art day online, May 23rd, gathering artists from all over in mindful creativity and craft. .
I'm delighted to be a guest artist, opening the day with music. Check out the link in her bio for more info on how to join us! Let's make some beautiful art together.
. #soulartday #laurahollick #muse #soulcraft #expressyourself #artheals #arttherapy #colortherapy #unstoppablejoy

Happy Mother's Day

Stop whining that
Love’s house burned down,
and give thanks that you
were lucky enough
to dance with wildness
“They broke my heart” you say
Of course they did!
Your puny hard heart
needed breaking!
Do you think you entered
Love’s house to be sedated
and coddled?
Ha! Think again Romeo
You entered that party
to tear down the beams,
rip out the roof,
and be afflicted by love!
Why? you ask
Because the soul
has other plans for you,
besides you getting to have
your way through this life
The soul says:
That one.
That particular creature.
The one that makes your
blood smolder and steam.
I want you to dance with
That one.
That one?
That one will rip out my lungs,
my limbs, and my heart,
then leave me babbling and
bleeding amongst the stars
says the soul
Why would you ever want me
to suffer so much?
Because you’ve been thinking
way too small
To live large,
to truly come alive in this life
you must be willing to be
thrown to the ground in flames
for love –
Til you get it
Til I get what?
That you even get to have a life
is the miracle of all miracles
You’ve been given this wild spark
of Creation,
you’ve been given the iridescent
throat of a hummingbird,
you’ve been given the wings
of a condor,
and all you can do is crawl,
and whimper and whine?
you need a severe ass kicking!
Some humans are more
stubborn than others
So, where am I leading you?
You ask
Nothing less than
immersion into the stars!
Oh yes!
To be a true lover of this life
You must completely break apart!
Rip the roof off-and soar!
We have more work to do
Richard Palmer
Pic by @molliehull

As I dance on the spiral
Through the passage
Of these rites
With the wisdom of the cycle
And the mother blood
That gives me life
In the waking of her daughters
And the bearing of these bones
Through the birthing waters
Where I find myself reborn
I honor my lineage

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