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💫 Marya 🌹 Stark💫  ᗷᗩᖇᗪ • ᑭOƐƬ • ᒪOᐯƐᖇ • ᗰᑌᔕƐ . . • ᗩᑎᑕƖƐᑎƬ ᐯOƖᑕƐᔕ • ᑭᖇᗩƳƐᖇᔕ OF ƬℎƐ ᗯOᗰᗷ reconnecт wιтн тнe wιld ecѕтaтιc voιce & мoveмenт ғeв 13-18 𓆃 Regιѕтer Now 𓆃

Wrapping up a 9 day marathon in the studio mixing my next lp. Feeling the potency of this eclipse cycle, the tone being set for the next year, ripening in the fruition of sound sculptures dedicated to thawing the frozen heart. .
My heart is overflowing with gratitude and the shape of my awe at this gift feels much like this picture, a ruby satellite sounding her mythic aria before ancient stone guides on a frosty mid winters night. .
May the muses be with you all dear ones. May our hearts ripen to hear her in every breath of this waking dream

Just a few more days til @atomanegg and I are playing in Salt Lake City!!!

the moon bled all over me
baptizing my soul
in her crimson majesty
as every nuance i was once
writing into poems
feverishly transcribing
the legacy of midnight
onto the disc
of our cream light satellite
turned to shadow ash before my eyes
the response
to all my longing letters
to God
echoed back in subtle winds
in mirrors of mischief
dancing ghost stories
as before a Fire lit
for the very purpose of restoring faith
in Divine order
no thing left in want
just me
my retracted soul bits magnified
until the pressure at last
transformed my most sacred unbecomings
into a ruby ring
worn by my ancestral guides
who kiss me nightly
before placing my newly minted form
delicately on the altar
of my red roving dreams
#bloodmoonpoems #rubycodes #scarletmoon #poetsofinstagram #wordswordswords #ancestralhealing #crimsonbliss #shadowofnight #isawred #eclipse #linesgeoftherose
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Don’t forget
Somewhere in the world
Penguins are dancing
Have a nice day

Happy Blood Moon Eclipse
May the shadow of earths dance across satellites bring out the crimson glory in your cheeks. Magic is afoot.
A Scarlet Moon is rising
Her kiss is everywhere
🌹Rose Blood Moon 🌹 .

@sydniindman_photo Photo and Animation
@pumamita stylings
#bloodmoon #fullmooneclipse #scarletmoon #animation #roseblood #rubymagic #crimsonashes #moonmagic #conceptphotography #lineage #ladyinred #redlady #redhotandholy

This is what happens when I show my fellow Sicilian the old flag of our forefathers, and he illustrates me into it as Medusa. Thanks @atomanegg


Greetings friends and fellow time travelers. Thankyou so much for following my stream of sharing via Instagram. Over the last few years this platform has become a really fun part of my creative process, getting me inspired to share writing, art, and musings on more of a regular basis (Thankyou @soulstarmedicine for ur insta wizardry).
Today, I felt called to say hello to y’all, and share a bit. Whether you’ve been following my channels for awhile or are new to my realm of light-sound-sculpting, I’m grateful for the ways the internet fosters this kind of connection between us. It’s a pleasure to share what lights me up with all of your precious souls, alive at this very time, on this very planet. What are the odds we would all meet here? What a miracle to be in a body.
I am looking forward to what this year has in store from my creative camp to share. Lots of projects, some years in the making, from several different rooms of the mansion of my muses, are about to be completed and released. It’s an exciting time to feel so many cycles of creativity in the birth canal. The first half of the year will be erupting with their arrivals!!! I’m elated and relieved!
I am also steadfast in cooking up my biggest creative meal to date. Many layers to this one. Hopefully some sneak peaks by the end of the year. Music. Magic. Myth. It’s real.
For now, I give thanks for this creative life, and for the mysterious ways that time works. How archetypal embodiment and integration continues to reveal itself to me as a cyclical and emergent process. I could have never connected the dots of the geometries of how magic works in my life had I been drawing my plans perfectly forward, but only in looking back and seeing how the great muse, the creative spirit in all things, has been composing its music through me, through each of us, all along. From relationship epiphanies, to profound ancestral healing, towards the revelations that move mountains from my heart, and bring the rivers of joy back to the lands of my inner child. .
To this and more
Thankyou Great Muses
Thankyou sweet kindred.
I love you.
Your sister in this life

Grateful I got to have some sweet time with my Gma last week in my hometown of Phoenix. Love opportunities to learn more about my family history. This time I really took it in
Been diving into studying Ancestral Medicine with Dr. Foor, and it’s been a fascinating journey learning more about my Sicilian roots. .
My grandmas mother Mary was one of Buffalos first female pharmacists, back when they made their own medicines with mortar and pestle. Her parents migrated from Italy during a time when girls were only educated up to grade 3. My great great grandfather wanted the women of his progeny to have access to higher education. As such I am the 4th daughter in my mothers line to have received a post graduate education. For this I am humbled and truly grateful to my ancestors for doing what they felt would enrich the consciousness of their bloodline. Grateful to have come from such strong women who pursued learning, and for my feminist forefather, who was a visionary and ahead of his time. I hope to honor their legacy by continuing to educate myself, and share what I know, love, and am inspired by with others. What an amazing time to be alive.
#siciliangirl #ancestralhealing #returningtomyroots

Mountains make love
to the night
Piercing the sky
A calligraphy sunlight
is written upon clouds
who’ve come
to taste the nectar
of heaven and earths
amorous affair
#mtshasta #dailydoseofbeauty #sonnetsofsunsets #ecstaticpoetry #everythingismakinglove
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Hi friends! Just one more month to join the giveaway for the Ancient Voices Prayers Of The Womb Retreat. .
We are gathering to connect with the wild spinner dolphins, to reweave the ancient songs of the whales and to reconnect with our powerful creative energy .
If you feel a YES, sign up for more info and apply for partial scholarship ~
1. Apply at the link in your bio
2. Share this post to your Insta story
3. Tag 3 friends in the comments who you'd love to come with you to this retreat.
~ Learn from the WILD world around us and from the intelligence of our own bodies
~ Connect with the wild dolphins and dive deep into the Aloha Spirit
~ Experience the sound healing of the whales as their songs vibrate through you
~ Release the stress and pressure of fast-paced life
~ Feel at home in your body while reuniting with the wild elements
This retreat is such a special way to set the tone for the year, and connect with the magical wild.
Looking forward to swimming with the dolphins with you!
>>>> link in bio
Video @molliehull w @ayapapayawear

In one month I am joining @ayapapayawear on Big Island for our third Prayers Of The Womb retreat together. There are a few spots left to join us for an adventure of a lifetime. Come check out the link in my bio to apply for the giveaway.
Pic @molliehull

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