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Owl Messenger
It doesn't happen so often that I dream of animal allies, but when it does, it shakes me to my core and heralds messages for my life.
Two nights ago I dreamed I was on a boat to visit the whale kin. I fell of the boat, and as I struggled to catch up with my crew, a baby whale came up to me, right there in the shallow water. I hadn't missed the boat at all. I put my nose to the water, and the baby whale smelled of an aroma that signaled the presence of an angelic presence. Spirit magic abound.
Just to my right, emerging slowly from the surface of the sea, an owl with its back towards me. Suddenly it turned its head, and then body, and stared into my soul with a wild screeching sounding call, offering shapes of a power dance almost like a praying mantis, delivering some serious transmissions into my nervous system. The look in his eye, the power of the stare down, the messenger truly presencing me to important changes ahead.
Death of what was.
Gentle Rebirth.
Intuitive guidance.
Seeing beyond the illusions.
Thankyou Owl.
#luciddreaming #owlmedicine #whalemedicine #heraldsofthewild #rewilding #dreaminterpretation #stillfeelingit

'Don't take entropy personally.' Meditations on chaos
At the end of my time in Glastonbury, I was walking through the gardens, upset to find things I had tended to falling apart in disarray- and a voice came in strong saying the above mantra.
I've been looking at this, at how much of the suffering in my mind and unnecessary anxiety stems from the inevitable falling apartness that life keeps serving up, no matter how many times I try to keep it together.
The suffering of change
And how it does tend to feel
. Recently, repeating this mantra has softened my posture. Life, in all her waxy glory continues to dish out reasons to spin in upset at the world 'out there', and as the labyrinth of circumstance continues, how can I find more moments to return to the inner gaze.
For all you lovers out there facing the avalanche of entropy on the daily.
I love you.
No matter how hard we tend the garden, there will always be work to do.
#entropy #donttakeentropypersonally #labyrinth #thegarden #innergaze

Im grateful that amidst the traveling at this cycle of my life I get to come home to this incredible soul. Faj, you are so cool. #bestie #mate #longgame

from the mouth of the lions head
i come i come to fill my cup
with the blood of the waters
who run run red
red with the rust from the chalice coming up
holy holy holy well
well at the foot of the dragons tail
well of the lore of a martyrs bell
heard on the wind of the ancient isle
cobble up foot to the tip Tor
where the rubble of the temple
still creaks at the door
of the heart of the hill
and her chambers below
where the Fae king keepin all of his gold
but the one loose coin fell from his keep
as the wanderers circled his labyrinth
with a left to go right
to go forward then down
where the gold is found on the ancient isle

and the lady stood in the orchard fair
as the white spring glass
flowed down from her hair
she held her hand with my beating heart
7 through daggers glowing bright
with fire was the taste of the
song on my tongue
retrieved the sword from the frozen stone
and the unruined soul of my love lost long
heard by the well on the ancient isle
i am one small boat
through the mist, i row
#songlyrics #songsofavalon #tor #dragonslair #labyrinth #avalon #chalicewell #partingthemidts #poetsofinstagram #instapoem #poemaday pic by @sofiahthom #goddessrisingsisterhood #pilgrimage

This image by @michael_divine sums up my songwriting this weekend. .
Star dancing with cosmic spirit dragons on ink black back drops of opulent skies.
Star Gazing.
Storm Chasing.
Scribing Auroras Flight.
Stoked for the new songs on the table. Mystic wild heart visions
tumbling through for the gathering.
#scribe #newsongs #dragontribe

Last summer Isaac Cotec of @subaqueousmusic and i created an album of songs called 'Shatter Spell'. Coming up this May we are having our debut performance of this collection at Ether in Portland at the Crystal Ballroom
Honored to share this music alongside these incredible artists
@deyadova @desert_dwellers_music @randomrab @autumnskyeart @plantrae And more. .
Thankyou @livingprism for orchestrating this gorgeous event.
come tune in to this music if you haven't had a chance to yet

Gazing to the end
Of another day
Enchanted by this indescribable view
I make an offering
Of these words
Hoping that they may accompany the sun
In her dream time adventures .
#sunsetpoem #tor #glastonbury #homesickalready

Whispering Trees
Your Roots take over the hillside
All I see
Is the web you have woven
gathering strength
from the underground
you stand as
Guardians of the old stones
Quartz Granite libraries
of inscriptions in light Braille
for the spirit blind
Memories of lifetimes
beheld for all to dream
Themselves back
From Avebury
#whisperingtrees #avebury #prose #morningmuse #poemaday #goddessrisingsisterhood #pilgrimage #avalon

Being home from Glastonbury, I am finding parts of my being returning that I didn't know I had lost. Parts of my voice that have been in the shadows. .
I've been writing.
A lot.
Facing uncomfortable truths
within my mind.
There are many pieces of my journey I wish to share, and I will as they are ready.
There are parts of my journey that have to do with great suffering my community is going through in a time of deep grief and loss. My voice is finding its way to the table of conversations I've never consciously taken part in. Until now.
It is cooking.
Still taking it all in.
The labyrinth we walk to the center of the hearth of truth. And the song of integration as we unwind ourselves back.
Thankyou Tor
Great portal
For helping me face my own conditioning and discomfort.

So grateful for this one right here. @goddess_rising Thankyou for the journey of a life time.
#goddessrisingsisterhood #avebury #stonehenge #stonepeople #crystalgrid #portalhopping #travelbug #stonegiant #greengreengreen

Final sunset view from the Tor. The great mysterious hill in Avalon, passage to the stars, gateway into a deeper learning of the cycles of life and death, a labyrinth to the center of the heart. This has been a life changing view, being with a landscape that has brought the teachings of the earth right into my body in a way I have been longing for, perhaps my entire life.
Thankyou Isle of glass, mirroring our skylike nature. Bless your apple orchards and the seeds of wisdom in the gardens. Bless these healing waters that have called me back to the source of magic within. I am forever home here.

Sapphire Stories tumbling through in Glastonbury
So grateful

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