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Maryanne Josephine 🌻  28, taken forever, & a proud Mommy. Andrew Robert 2.6.15πŸ‘¦πŸΌπŸŽ Michael Andrew 6.4.14 πŸ’‘πŸ’ Elsie, the 2015 9th Gen πŸš—πŸ’¨ Nala, the Pittie 🐢

Does this face look viscous to you?! @nalathepittie729

Welcome to the Dungeon, weve got fun and games. Weve got monster trucks galore. The kids know their names. #diggersdiner#diggersdungeon#gravedigger

If you want to see perfection just look into his eyes. 😍#mommasboy#loveofmylife#andrewrobert

Sometimes we get along, and sometimes we clean up nice. #fiance#babydaddy#michaelandrew

Oh my Lanta! Welcome to my life Elsie! #2015#hondacivic#civicsi#fb6club#fb6#si

This little boy absolutely loves brushing his teeth. He pulls up his stool an climbs up, turns on the water and grabs his toothbrush. He may need a little help but he knows exactly what to do. Also, who said Lularoe was just for girls? He loves his airplane leggings and his daddy thinks he's cute in them. No judging in this home. He is free to be whomever he wants. #freespirit#growingup#imagination

To some people he is a nephew, to others a grandson, many just a boy a daycare, to Michael a son.. but to me he is so much more. I am not saying they don't love him or care. To me he is my son, my other half, my little best friend, my mini, the love of my life, but many don't know he is my saving grace. Bean came at the most perfect time in my life. A time when I was loosing a very important person. He lifted our spirits and gave us something to look forward to. He was born 2 weeks after I lost my Poppa and 2 weeks before we had to put down my beloved mastiff Kane. Without him I honestly don't know how I would have made it through that month. I don't think I've fully come to terms with loosing either of them because Bean has made everyday amazing. He literally is my sunshine. Today we have his 2nd Birthday Party. 2 years..what! The love I have for such a small human is unimaginable. Today is for you Andrew Robert.

2 years ago today was your due date. This is the last belly picture I took before they evicted you.

When you receive these messages! Melts my heart that they love him so much.

Sticky fingers,
dirty face,
Rugs and pillows
out of place,
Cars and tractors
here and there,
Blocks and boats
Gold and silver
have I none,
But worth a million
is my Son.

"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants"

So there's this boy who's had my heart for quite some time now and he calls me momma. I decided it was time to get another tattoo for him because his name is something I will never regret. #mommasboy#andrewrobert#love#tattoo#bobbysux

This little man took his first plane ride yesterday. Today, he touched soft white sand and the ocean for the first time. Seeing the smile on his face during it all makes every penny worth it. To top it all off, he's making me so proud with how well he has taken to all his family and how much his vocabulary has grown already while here. He has been an absolute joy the entire time we have been here with only one major melt down so far and all the As love him so much. It melts my heart to know that he has such an amazing family. #proudmomma#andrewrobert#florida#ocean#familyvacation

Giving a toddler a haircut is not easy to do nor watch. Being the one holding the toddler while he's screaming is even harder. This little man has already had over 5 haircuts but this time he was the worste he's ever been. I honestly don't know how the guys at @downtownbarberco can handle us when we go in but they do. Bean gets his hair done by Andrew and he is so patient and good with him it's crazy. I am so grateful that they do what they do with the patience they have. We will forever be customers.

Our newest family member, Nala. Yes she's a pit and the biggest pussy I've ever met. Oh did I mention she's super vicious.. she eats cats for breakfast and licks you to death. #dontbullymybreed #pitsofinstagram #thoseeyes #greeneyes

This is my weight-loss journey.. In may I went to the doctors and I was told I was extremely overweight and pre diabetic. I had this gross brown line on the back of my neck which made it look like I hadn't showered. I was ashamed of what I looked like but did nothing to change. Last month Michael asked me to marry him and I swore that I was going to loose my baby weight, yet I didn't know how. I saw our engagement pictures and finally saw how people saw me. No wonder why people asked when I was do. I looked pregnant. I was bloated and miserable, I slept more then I should have and I had no ambition. A couple weeks later I saw that a friend had lost weight and I knew if she believed in it then I had to try it. I started a program that I doubted would work. But it has and it's amazing. I have more energy, I am never hungry, I am not bloated anymore and I've lost weight. I am healthy and getting heathier day by day. I finally have control of myself and I couldn't be more proud.

With my birthday this thursday, everyone has been asking what I wanted. What do I need at 27 years old that I don't already have?! A bike of course!! Happy Birthday to me, and Andrew, and Michael. We both got bikes and I get to bring Andrew with me :) Only I would get so excited over this, but it's fine with me. Time spent with my boys is the best and getting some exercise is a bonus. #happybirthday#bikingeverywhere#imthattypeofmom#babyhelmet#safetyfirst

Yesterday we had a family day and went up to Tupper Lake to visit the Wildlife Center. It was such a good day and Andrew had so much fun. He saw fish, turtles, birds, otters, and got to walk above the trees. He loves being outdoors and made us smile all day. #mommasboy#andrewrobert#familyday#love#smiles

6 months later and Bean still turns the living room into the drive ins. What's a momma to do other then let her boy be happy; and happy he is. He loves his cozy coupe and so do the fuzzy babies. #mommasboy#happy#16months#11months#smiles

Received my goodies from @tanforless. Couldn't be more happy, definitely makes a tanning girls smile brighter and tan darker! Can not wait to try these out and tell ya'll how amazing they are. #tanning#tan#tanningbed#tanforless#lotion#sohappy

We took Bean and Aunt Kelsey to LG Bowling Alley so he could play on the indoor playground and arcade. He had so much fun and we all did too. This little man doesn't even have to put in any effort to make everyone smile. I can't wait to do so many fun things with him this summer.

Getting that tan on point. Love seeing instant results. @tanforless #tanforless #instantresults #comeonsummer #thedarkerthebetter #contesttime

A home with rival teams means this momma has to come up with creative ideas when we get invited to a party and have to wear sports clothing. My heart will always be with Boston, and Michaels will always be with the Skanees; so until Bean can decide for himself this is what he gets to wear. #Boston#Redsox#SweetCaroline#Skanks#homedivided#welovesports

So this little ham has learned to smile when I say cheese. He also apparently wanted to be grown in this picture. His aunt Kelsey thinks he looks homeless due to his outfit, I think he looks uber cute. #mommasboy#smiles#love#sohappy

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