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Mary Ann Pope  •Hair Painter 👩‍🎨 •Short Hair Don't Care 🤷‍♀️ •Androgynous •☎️ or txt •Located on the Square

Anyone who comes to me knows I live for Spurs basketball . In honor of Kawhi's prank here is my grand baby girl sporting corn rows compliments of her ever talented mother #lovemyspurs #kawhileonard #hairstylisthumor

It was great seeing Amanda. She is starting a new job and wanted something fun for the summer . We refreshed highlights and made a bold statement by adding vibrant red to her nape. And I must thank her amazing husband for these beautiful pictures 💕💕💕 #sanmarcoshairstylist #highlights #redhairdontcare #txst

Gotta ❤️❤️ Pinterest. I'm in local FB group and one of the ladies asked where she could get this done cheap. I took this as an educational opportunity for the uninformed. This was my response because I get this picture a couple times a week. If you have previous color in your hair this is not obtainable . If your hair has been previously highlighted this is not obtainable without doing a corrective Balayage . If you are Hispanic or just have dark hair this picture is not obtainable. For proper placement on a Balayage expect a minimum of 3 hours to do this correctly . Now let's say your stylist charges $40 for haircut and style. That's $40 x 3 hours= $120. If they charge $50 then that amount goes up to $150 for 3 hours of work etc, etc. Now let's add the product you need to use:
Balayage clay bleach, and probably regular highlighting bleach (and by looking at this color it looks like they used 2-3 different formulas of bleach to obtain the different levels of blond), now add 2-3 glosses to achieve the perfect blending of color. Your stylist has a minimum of $40 -$60 in product. $150 (3 hours of work )+ $40 (in product) = $190 . When I break this down to my clients they understand the time and $$ factor to create this look. Please PLEASE PLEASE don't insult your stylist by asking for the cheapest price possible. #sanmarcoshairstylist #balayage #balayageblonde

A little red and fresh bangs for the summer #sanmarcoshairstylist #txst #redhairdontcare

San Marcos pride is right around the corner. If any of my clients would like to join me the more the merrier. Let me know as I plan on getting lots of balloons to hand out as we walk the parade route. Let's support each other because quite frankly ❤️ is ❤️ https://m.facebook.com/events/1790760954537879. #sanmarcoshairstylist #txsu #txstatebobcats #smtx #smtxpride

As a stylist you should always be looking for ways to up your game. Since the first of the year I have attended 2 awesome trainings to 'up my game ' and I am having more fun turning plain old highlights into a new beautiful canvas . Today we did a root smudge. We darkened Kat's base, blended the highlight out, and glazed with Pravana 9V. New summer look with minimal maintenance #redkinshadeseq #pravanachromasilk #rootsmudge #sanmarcoshairstylist #txst

Changing tones doesn't have to be painful embrace the journey #balayagehighlights #redkinshadeseqgloss #fauxbalayage #oligoproblacklightclaylightener #dimensionalblonde

Balayage, Balayage and more Balayage 😊😊 Virgin hair is the best and I don't get many so this was my blank canvas. And again I have to give props to the Business of Balayage and there amazing educators #balayage #redkinchromatics #redkinshadeseqgloss

This is my daughter and she is getting married next year. She decided she wants to be cooler, lighter blond with some depth so this is going to be work in progress . Today we're refreshing the Balayage, adding depth and dimension . Most importantly is the tonal change. Thank goodness we have almost a year to complete this color transformation. #oligoblacklightlightener #sanmarcoshairstylist #redkinshadeseqgloss #redkinchromatics #balayage #fauxbalayage

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