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I can't help but feel compelled to shout-out @seekrefugeco. A woman owned brand that wants to empower women, support and aid refugees, and represent the Muslim community...You have ALLL my support.
The brand launches on 2/20. Get ready!

We work 9-5 to provide food and shelter for this child and he’s out here being disloyal. And Nabeel would pick steak too. I am done. I can’t 😂

Woke up early this morning and literally begged @nabeel.a.shah to work from home today. I even sent him sad puppy gifs! It didn’t work... | Tap for Outfit Details.

Gonna go drown in some @stilacosmetics and @colourpopcosmetics. I needs all ze shimmersss.

Just the two of us 💕

I must’ve done something right in my lifetime to have been blessed with this guy! Though I wish you would spend a little more time with me instead of searching Dad jokes in the bathroom. Happy Valentine’s Day boo! | 📷: @mofromamerica

Dedicating this Galentines Day to all the women who show up for each other. Who continuously work hard, pave new paths, and take risks. Women who believe each other and in each other. Who celebrate each other's successes and accomplishments. Happy Galentines day ladies, and thank you for all that you do | 📷: @thestreetsensei

@mofromamerica X @the_zlist - This platform has blessed me with some of the most creative people ever! It’s been a pleasure meeting both of you! Thank you Mo for this video and Thank you Zahara for accompanying me during NYFW 💕

I have been feeling extremely homesick this week. Just want me my mamas lap and some home cooked food 😭

Made it through this disgusting weather and first show of the day #NYFW| 📷: @mofromamerica

#NYFW Outfit 2

#NYFW outfit 1 | Tap for outfit details.

💕GIVEAWAY CLOSED💕 Last week we let you guys pick the dress for this giveaway! So, today we are going to do just that. Please follow the instructions below to enter. We will announce a winner on Friday February 9th at 1pm EST. GOOD LUCK!
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Authenticity is saying what you feel, even if it isn't perfectly worded or, often, even well thought out. Because it comes from a place of emotion and varied experiences, none of which are always clean or concise. Some of which feel dramatic to others, but affected you deeply when it happened. Those feelings stay with you and color how you see and react to the world. This week, people called me many things, inauthentic was the least hateful to be honest. Yet it stood out because I've shared more here about my life than I thought I could have. More than even my own family is sometimes comfortable with me sharing because of the types of things people say. And as I sorted through the myriad of good and bad responses this week, one thing was clear: my authentic self may not be one that everyone loves or understands, but it is me. And it is me my family and friends love, as is. While I will always strive to be better, be more clear, and understand my own emotions as I put them into words, the one thing I won't ever stop being is myself.

Now that the Eagles have won and a day has past since I was condemned to hell for openly talking about my period for some fame + likes, I am just gonna say this - Thank you everyone who expressed and showed importance towards this topic by sharing their piece, YOU’RE the CHANGE. The change that will bring a brighter tomorrow for our children. So let’s keep talking and fighting the good fight 💪🏼

The amount of times I have mood swings, body aches and bleed throughs in my clothes is horrendous. While growing up and before meeting Nabeel - I’ve had countless men explicitly tell me that they’ll speak to me after 7 days...you know because of my menstrual cycle and all. And because of that reason, I’ve always been so iffy about saying I am on my period out loud. However, when I met Nabeel I was pretty open about it and I made it my mission that if he’s going to accept me for who I am, he’s also going to accept me for being extremely open about how my body works. Not only does he makes a run to grab tampons for me but he also goes to every single gyno appointment with me. Our health and our bodies are a part of us, and it’s our job to educate as well as change this mind set of periods being a HUSH HUSH topic. Ladies, the men in your life are there to be supportive and listen - let them be there for you. Tell them what it’s really like so when they have daughters...they know how to be good men along with being great fathers. All of this starts at home, so talk about it. It won’t be the end of the world. I promise. And yes, I am currently on it 🤷🏻‍♀️

I am so glad January is finally over! It felt so long as if it was all of 2018. GREAT NEWS THO - I am getting ready to do another giveaway with @maggylondon BUT this time YOU pick what dress we should send our winner! Comment below 👇🏼 **official giveaway will start Wednesday with the dress YOU guys pick**

Ever sit in your bathtub while showering and cry uncontrollably because things are overwhelming and you can’t figure out what’s what? I never talk about depression publicly, but it’s so real. Runs really deep in my family and while growing up I would always tell myself ‘I am never going to be that person, I am going to be stronger’. But I am not stronger, I’ve just become more resilient. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to embrace my down days because It happens. Admitting you have depression is the first step to being stronger. So, here’s mine.

When bae doesn’t wanna dance with you so you find someone better. Thanks @doughdoughnuts 💕

When lighting in the bathroom is freaking phenomenal so you stay taking selfies because who’s gonna stop me 🤷🏻‍♀️ P.S - still obsessed with @lauramercier’s Extreme Velour Matte Lipstickssss

I’m done being trifling today. Consider this a genuine ‘I appreciate you’ post. Now since that’s out the way, what you making us for dinner tonight @nabeel.a.shah?

When people expect you to make rotis for dinner and you’re like - excuse me? new bahu, who dis?

I stay over here bleaching my baby hairs but then I go get my hair done and that’s the first thing they dye back. Like whyyyyyy?! | 📷: @tiffgifphotog

When @nabeel.a.shah literally takes the patience out of you, so you need to go and plan your own funeral

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