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Mary Ann Slater  Acrylic Realism Artist || Represented by the Elaine Fleck Gallery || Sharing my studio life and other adventures || Check out my online shop

The progression of my palette as I painted a crayon piece! Each crayon takes 7-8 wells of colour (for the wax and paper). I leave the mixed colours there as I move onto the next, so I can tweak it and add touch ups so I’m completely happy with it. When I need more space, I clean out the oldest colour and move ahead!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately... but I’m happy to say that I’m back at it! The past few months have seen some obstacles, and I felt it was important to put aside the social media for a time. Now that I’m back, I have to share what I’ve done to my studio! .
This is one of my favourite corners, I just love the colour it brings to the room (and that wonderful natural light makes it sing!) #artiststudio #bookshelf

Dropped off my latest crayon piece to the gallery this weekend. Now onto a new piece in preparation for my SOLO show in June! .
8 Brilliant Colours. Acrylic on Canvas. 2019.
Available at the @Elainefleckgallery. #acrylicrealism

ROYGBIV. Acrylic on Canvas. 72x48”
I always loved arranging my crayons in order of the rainbow, so satisfying to see the gradation - and ready to use! I wanted to capture that fun on the canvas. For those who may not be familiar, the title ROYGBIV refers to the colour spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. It was a happy accident that I happened to arrange them in that order!
Now on display at the Elaine Fleck Gallery. #acrylicrealism #torontogallery

The milkweed plant plays host to so many friendly insects and pollinators, the most recognizable being the monarch butterfly, yet it is constantly under threat from herbicides and plowing. So when I set out to take my source photo, I wanted to avoid cutting the plant down. The milk bottle is set in front of the plant, leaving the milkweed happily swaying in the breeze (with a little white moth hanging out).
Milkweed. Acrylic on Canvas. 36x48”.
This piece is part of the group exhibition at the Elaine Fleck Gallery, opening this Thursday (Sept 20) #torontogallery

As some of you may know, I moved to a small town (about 2 hours outside of Toronto) last November. Leaving the city that we called home for 6 years was a big decision, but it was a move towards our long term goals and dreams. The hope is to live a more sustainable life, grow our own food, reduce waste and find a healthy work-life balance.
Now going into our 10th month at the new place, I’m happy to say that we have moved towards fulfilling our goals. I have an awesome studio that allows me to work bigger, and gives me endless inspiration; Our garden is booming with abundance, providing more than enough fresh produce to enjoy and share; and we’re learning to live more sustainably with our purchases and habits.

I hope to share more of this adventure with you, all the ups and downs. You may even see some of these themes pop up in my future work, which I’m so excited to show you. As always, Thank you for all your love and support. - Mary Ann
#thankyou #thebestisyettocome

I finished this piece up a little while ago for some dear friends in celebration of their wedding. I really love the colour balance in this piece, and hope that it works well in their space! #glassjars

I actually used some finger painting on this piece, no really! I use my fingers, a sponge and sometimes a toothbrush to achieve the texture you see on my work.
Ready. Set. Go! is on display for the rest of July with my other work @elainefleckgallery You’ve got to see this larger than life piece in person to see all the textures! #acrylicpainting

A marble! ... or marbles? This painting is actually four 36x36” canvas’. Each one has a corner of a unique marble. Painting a small object like a marble onto such a large canvas can have its challenges, but it really allowed me to get into all the details that exist in those tiny spheres. .
This piece, Changes, is now on display at the Elaine Fleck Gallery as part of my new works collection ‘Reflection’. Opening night is tomorrow from 7-9pm. I would love to see you there. RSVP to
#artgallery #marbles #acrylicrealism

This piece is a little different from my past work, you may have seen me working on it in the timelapse I posted last week. It’s the start of an exciting new series that combines discarded manufactured items and new growth, looking at nature’s capacity for healing.
This piece, Upcycle, is now on display at the Elaine Fleck Gallery as part of my new works collection ‘Reflection’. Opening night is tomorrow from 7-9pm. I would love to see you there. RSVP to
#artgallery #upcycle #acrylicrealism

My new pieces have all arrived at the gallery! So exciting to see them on the wall #artistgoals

#Repost @elainefleckgallery

New paintings by Mary Ann Slater.

JULY 1 - 30
Opening Reception
Thursday, July 5, 7-9pm
Artist Talk 8 pm

A work in progress of my latest piece ready for the show next week! This is the colour blocking step, where I make sense of my initial drawing on the canvas. The next layer will bring the shadow and details. Stay tuned for the completed piece!
This piece is available through the Elaine Fleck Gallery, pre-sales of pieces are open now! Contact the gallery at for more information.

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