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Support Assad against the tyrannical imperialism of the West. Say NO to American and Western support to both ISIS and the FSA to split Syrian unity!

Why capitalism has always existed and at present still does:
Capitalism has always existed since the 1800s when the industrial revolution began in England which allowed for the rapid development of new means of production, in which the bourgeoisie privately own as their mode of production to produce capital. The state is a tool to protect and police capitalist's private property but also to cater the monopoly capitalist's agenda; without such a tool the bourgeoisie would be incoherently weak in their protection of private property and the assistance from the government to protect and expand monopoly capital would no longer be there.

Anarcho-capitalists lack materialist analysis of current stage of capitalism and how it was achieved in the first place:
The anarcho-capitalist analysis of state capitalism is inherently flawed because they lack a actual materialist analysis of current society. If you analyse closely, the development of monopoly capitalism is inherent to capitalist society as markets allow the bourgeoisie to monopolise certain sectors in the markets, this monopoly capital is used to corrupt the government and build a bourgeois dictatorship of the state in their class interest.

It will only be the workers on the forefront of revolution! Join CPGB-ML today!

Joti Brar speaks to the masses in Southall's dominion centre to celebrate the importance of the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution.

The speech is linked below my profile biography.

Today marks the 100th anniversary (1917-2017) since the Great October Socialist Revolution which gave birth to the first society built upon the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism.

Teresita Vicente, Cuban ambassador, speaks on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution to the packed centenary meeting organised by the communist party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist).

Muhammad Ali, regarding his visit to the USSR.

We at the Red Youth of Britain demands the following:
- We demand universal, free, high quality
education and recreational facilities for all.
- We celebrate and support the
achievements of socialism.
- We resolve to educate ourselves
and our fellow workers.
- We oppose the colonisation and
degradation of youth culture.
- We oppose the victimisation of young people.
- We oppose all attempts to make the
working class pay for the capitalist
crisis of overproduction.
- We oppose all racism and
immigration controls.
- We support national-liberation struggles
and resistance movements worldwide.
- We stand for British withdrawal from
Ireland and for the reunification of all
32 counties into a single Irish state .
- We oppose supremacist Israel and call
for a single, secular Palestinian state
on the whole of historic Palestine.
- We refuse to equate the violence of the
oppressed with the violence of the oppressor.

An unorganised proletariat will not win, join CPGB-ML today!

Workers of the world unite, under the banner of Lenin!

Viva Venezuela! Learn more about the downright lies by the imperialist press by clicking the link on my profile.

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