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Hong Kong's own version of the New York's Charging Bull and Shanghai's Bund Bull. It looks more like a Carabao though? What do you guys think?

Hope the The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc., makes something like this in BGC too. It would be a sure hit for stock traders like me!

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Go and explore places that inspire you and make you dream of what the Philippines can be someday. Learn as much as you can from your travels and bring it back home and help make this economy rock even more. #MYTravels #HongKong2017

Blue skies, double decker busses, skyscrapers. Hong Kong is always fun!

#MyTravels #HongKong2017

I love stocks! It's always fun to share what you love and help more people learn how to trade and invest smart. As always Bloomberg, it's been a blast!

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This place feels like Ayala Triangle! If I remember it correctly the tall building at my back is where the Bloomberg Hong Kong office is based?

#MYTravels #HongKong2017

Rarely do you see a pedestrian overpass brightly colored with the venues of the past olympic games. With the last step ending with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. By passing through this, I discovered that there were years that the Olympic games were cancelled! You can always learn something new!
#MYTravels #HongKong2017

What I like about HongKong is there's so much character and it has such an energetic vibe to the city. The busy streets, the food, the history, the dirt, the old and new buildings add to it's charm similar to what New York and London have.

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The Grand Lisboa! #Macau2017 #MYTravels

Hope springs eternal. #MYTravels #Macau2017

Senado Square! #MYTravels #Macau2017


Macau Tower! It was fun to see people jump from the tower from a harness. I had a chance to interview them after the jump and they told me that the hardest thing to do was to jump! But after that it was pure bliss, freedom and an adrenaline rush like no other.

The same is true in business and investing. Sometimes the hardest step is the first. It is always the scariest. But you will never experience the bliss, freedom and adrenaline of it all if you don't jump!

So what are you waiting for? Don't let your fears be bigger than your dreams. Don't let your fears be bigger than who our God is.

It's time to jump!
#MYTravels #Macau2017

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