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She is not upset.怒ってなどいない  Japan,Yokohama 不機嫌顔の猫 小雪。天国で休憩中。 Grumpy cat,Koyuki. scottishfold(2006-2016) She went to sleep. Do not copy without permission. Owner : moflicious

He wants to climbing....!!!

Beautiful Sushi ✨🍣

This instagram account was for KOYUKI. But she had dead, so I’m thinking what kind of photo I post so far. Anyway, I post my baby...😝

Today 4/6 is Koyuki's first death anniversary, I miss her so much.

A happy new year

Koyuki stands up


Last year. Koyuki wants to eat her special dinner in 12/24.

Angry? Comfortable ?

Winter. Bed is Koyuki's favorite place


Bateman & Pikachu

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