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MartinTheMeat  Copenhagen | Denmark Co-founder The Meat @themeatdk

That moody afternoon light

MSX90 👟

Sitting here posing and waiting for the weekend ✌🏻Wish you all a great wknd

Still chill

Stay focused 👓

Suit and tie packing - going away for a buddy’s birthday at an old danish manor

Weekend mode level 1 - relax and read. Someone bring me a coffee ☕️

// m i n i m a l

It’s pouring down in Copenhagen and there is nothing but rain in the weather forecast. I really miss those long summer evenings in the city - this is one is from last summer and shot by my buddy @daysofmrgray

Easy like Sunday morning

Quick packing for a weekend at the cabin 🍾 have a great weekend ✌🏻

c o p e n h a g e n