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Michelle Arthur  Flower lady 🌷 Mother of banshees πŸ”₯ Closet metalhead 🀘 Hippy at heart πŸ’š Art / cake /flamingos ❀ Evi spam: @evlinrose

When you inadvertently perch yourself above Giacomo Agostini's pit... 😍

@interfos #bsfos #interfos #interfos2017 #motogplegend #giacomoagostini

Mandatory stop to see the @irvingvincent_ boys. Can't wait to see @beato86 on the track on this beauty!
@interfos #bsfos #interfos #interfos2017 #irvingvincent #vincentmotorcycle

Arrive at @interfos and greeted by the sight of legend @stevestavrosparrish pulling into the pits πŸ˜„ Perfect start to the day!

#steveparrish #6 #motogplegend #bsfos #interfos #interfos2017

Performing sisterly duties πŸΎπŸ’˜

Sneaky day trip to Byron and obligatory graff snap.

@_n_i_t_s_u_a_ #streetart #graffiti #mural #byronbay

***gratuitous brag post***
Loving these first shots of Evi from Rock Your Baby's new AW17 range. For more Evi spam, head to her account @evlinrose πŸ”₯🌹😻

Kmart. The new go-to place for 1st birthday supplies and cybergoth accessories.

First domestic chore of the day. It might not look like much right now, but in a couple of weeks this should be some mighty fine coffee infused vodka.

#priorities #infusedbooze #coffeeandvodkamakeseverythingbetter

The first of many wonderful days ahead for the Lilymonster and @evlinrose xx

That feeling when you rush home from work to buy a big expensive balloon for your kid's birthday tomorrow so she wakes up to a big fuck off balloon in her room with unicorn and mermaid coloured streamers and you go to hide the balloon in your husband's side of the wardrobe because at least you can see the floor there and one of his gazillion motorcycle jackets pierces the fucking balloon that you have had in your possession for all of 20 minutes, probably less. On the upside, the damn thing now fits in the wardrobe... #ffs #insertexpletiveshere #alltheexpletives

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