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Good morning Champs and happy Friday. 💕💕💕

Hey guys! So I did this thing in which I submitted my pics for @fitnessgurls cover thinking that whats the worth that can happen 🤷🏻‍♀️but I need your help. I need you to vote for me and hopefully I make it. So please click the link in my bio. Love you guys and thank you.

People talk about self love all the time. Is actually a term used so frequently that it makes you question your self love. The thing is, it’s easier said than done. Us women have been conditioned to love everyone but ourselves, we are conditioned to take care of everyone else first and then if there is time we can take care of us. Im not gonna lie, im the first one to admit that Im that girl. Always looking out for others, always making sure everyone else is happy and never really stopping to make sure im okay. Even when I feel like collapsing, I still stay strong for others because in my head thats the right thing to do. Until I realized that doing all that doesn’t make me a better person or human being. It doesn’t define me as a woman, it doesn’t mean im better than everyone else. I realized that thinking of me first isnt the end of the world, on the contrary. Ive learned that when Im happy with myself, every around me is better. If im not okay, I cant take care of everyone else. And this is something im working towards every single day and I know i still struggle with it because sometimes i feel a little selfish, but I also know that self love never hurt anyone.

Baby girl, its time to sprinkle some self love on everything you do. Add a little more sparkle to your life and it will spread around like glitter.


We can do better 👑

Good morning Champs!
Life is always better with coffee ☕️ #humpday

Accountability: An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions.

Blaming others for our actions is a sign of weakness, a lack of responsibility and growth. We just need to remember that it is better to be honest and acknowledge when we are wrong, apologize when we hurt others and work towards having a different behavior. If we keep throwing things under the rug, eventually we create a bump which we won’t be able to hide.

Happy Tuesday Champs!


Even in the darkest days we get a little bit stronger.

You got this girl!


Shot by @_jamoy

Happy Monday Champs!


I know its hard to not derail yourself from your path, but it is easier to stay on track than it is to get lost.
Don’t lose yourself for others, don’t doubt your self worth and most importantly, do not change who you are to please others.


“Strong & Brave” people use these words so often to describe someone’s situation. The thing is that no one thinks about how no one thinks how sometimes no one chooses to be strong or brave. Sometimes the situation just requires you to step up otherwise you get crushed. Maybe Im not strong or brave, maybe im just trying to survive and move forward because there is no other choice.

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