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Martina Ann  Wanderlust and culinary curiosity. Singapore girl with an appetite for the world.

Origami level: Japanese.
#lifeinjapan #sheshouldbeasurgeon

Singaporean-Japanese fusion recipe borne out of my train ride home and a 10-minute supermarket run. Hor fun gravy made with dashi stock, mentsuyu, mirin, and marbled with egg, served over yakisoba noodles. Used kang kong just cos I was excited to chance upon it here. Totally #uglydelicious, and most definitely gonna be making this again.
#martskitchen #lifeinjapan

No points for looks but damn this black pepper kway teow was good.
#martskitchen #sgfood #uglydelicious #lifeinjapan

Situation: Mum's birthday today, but she left for Tokyo with my dad this morning. Daughter in Fukuoka, son in SG.

Solution: Celebrate at midnight with technology and an amazing Henri Charpentier double cheesecake.
#transnational #byeparents #candlesorjosssticks

Wisteria for dayssss.
The only thing I knew about wisteria was that it's the name of the road where the Desperate Housewives lived. Today I found out what they look like.
#goldenweek #wisteriaseason #wisterialane #desperatehousewives

Queuing for Bake cheese tarts with the appropriate gear. (Hi guys @graincomsg 😘)

Mentaiko pasta because mentaiko is a prized Fukuoka specialty, and cold rainy nights mean comfort food, tea, and a movie.

First meal from my new kitchen since moving in on Friday: Oyakodon, with an addition of a load of cabbage.

I learnt some weeks ago that Oyakodon literally means "parent-child rice bowl". As in, chicken cooked in its children. Oooookay.

Japan in Spring is incredibly beautiful, and you can walk for miles without a bead of sweat. Perfect. #lifeinjapan #sakuraeverywhere

Y'all missing my face yet?
#sakura #🌸 #touristshot

Bye for now, SG! Catch me in the +81.
#thisisnotaholiday #onewayticket #heregoesnothing #itshappening

Teaching this girl for the past 5+ years has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The once-shy 10 going on 11-year-old I first met has grown into a gracious and mature 16-year-old, and in the process has allowed me to take steps toward being the kind of teacher I hope to be. Being proud of academic improvement and achievements is one thing, but more importantly, teaching is about developing values, self-esteem, maturity of thought, and a regard for others; I couldn't be prouder of who you're becoming.
It's a shame that I have to leave in your final year on your way to your O levels, but I'm sure you'll be fine, and you know how to reach me if ever you find that you're not ❤
#goodbye #movingon #spreadyourwings #dontletanyonedullyoursparkle #Tminus4

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