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When you're literally flying out the door with whatever clothes you managed to grab onto coz you should've been at work 10 minutes ago and you really have no time to make breakfast, this is the easiest healthiest breakfast bowl to whip up.

Yogurt and Pomegranates with nuts of your choice.


I got you covered.

A friend of mine rescued 5 new-born puppies after their mother died and he's fostering them till they're big enough to let out on the road.
To change that, you can adopt one of them. Give them a loving home.
Because that's all they need.
They'll reward you with a lifetime worth of love and loyalty.

Visit The Facebook page "Adopt - Ludhiana" to know how you can help.

Really need some of that Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows right now.

Featuring @mediumbyriddhijain 's a-m-a-zing ceramic tumblers. 😍

This one here is one of our dearest. People always discriminate between her and Kaza. Because apparently she looks like a 'stray'. Lemme tell you one thing. For all I care, she is one of the most loving pups I've seen.
And so smart.
Her IQ is better than many people I've met.
She has a personality that will keep you entertained for hours.
And I wouldn't trade Cookie for the world.

My face when someone says my Rotis should be round.


Beloved, taste the fruit that falls in your lap,
Before the fox, that wasn't foreseen,
Leaps away with the harvest
It hasn't sown.
For those that do not seek,
Shall not find
Even though the path gleams
Bright before their very eyes.


So apparently if you bake potatoes, eggs, sausages and cheese together, it tastes really nice. 😇

This dish might probably have a name too, but let's just say its one of those cozy ass breakfast recipes.

I'm mostly weird.
#InFormal (In-Formal/informals, see the pun?)

God bless whoever invented Cheesecakes coz these babies are easy breezy.
(Except for the Cream Cheese which you have to travel across the oceans to get, especially if you're living in Ludhiana)

Cookie n Cream cheesecake for two.

I'm so happy that many people I know don't usually burst firecrackers during this festival season.
I'd really like to forget the scene in my head from last year, when I woke up the morning after Diwali and it was like a foggy day. It was sad to see how much just 1 day can make a difference to the atmosphere.
I would urge you to convince yourself, your family and your friends that fireworks aren't necessary to enjoy a festival.
Let's be a part of the solution.
Turn your back on 🎆. #BanPatake

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