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Martha Deborah Abraham  _____________ c o m m u n i c a t i o n d e s i g n e r __________________________________


The strongest monuments are the symbols of love.

I've seen enough people who hate standing out or creating inconvenience and just set the perfect stage to be taken advantage of.
I've also seen enough people who are such a pain to be with because they're just so difficult about everything, need an excuse to take offence and could hang the chef for cold rotis.
How are you creating a ripple?

A slightly more interesting way to have Egg and toast for breakfast.
Bake them together!
With a lot of cheese of course.

The cutest hug I've witnessed. ❤️ Don't be fooled, this doesn't mean they always get along this superbly. We've had our share of bloody fights.

It's hard to digest that she came out just a year ago

~~~~ BE STILL ~~~~~
I think the curfew-like situation in the last few days has been good in many ways. Why? It has forced people, who usually never take a holiday from work or don't have the patience to sit at home, to sit at home. Every kind of person ranging across different spheres of professions and institutions, was forced to stay home.
I personally feel these last few days have been the most productive for me. I got to enjoy my husband, enjoy my dogs, enjoy my home, enjoy good food and with no feelings of guilt that I'm wasting time. Now I get to enter a new week of teaching and socialising with new vigour and a refreshed mind.

I tried out one of @jamieoliver 's recipes for an easy salad (cause I had only green beans in my fridge and I was too lazy to make sabzi). It was actually pretty yum.
I know that because Aakash had no problem eating it for 2 days.
DM me for the recipe

What do you do when you have a new plant and an old broken pot?
You make the old pot new.
I didn't think this DIY would work out when I was twirling the rope on and I thought I might as well go buy a nice planter.
But it worked out fine in the end and I love the Bohemian vibe it adds to that dark corner.

During first year of college, this was my face and demeanour all the time. Four years later, God knows, I don't bite no more!


I have to admit, this @chintanmalhotra guy makes me look decently alright EVERY freakin time.
Oh btw, check out the tiny #uber ad we showed up in, on the Facebook @uber_india page.

Feelin' lemony like a Cinthol Ad

Today was good because I finally satisfied my weeklong craving for crepes!
One thing to be thankful for.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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