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Credit to @womensmarch : Today in Indianapolis, disability activists were dragged away as members of ADAPT gathered at Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young’s office to protest #Trumpcare. These brave activists won’t stop until the Senate hears their voices, and neither will we. Together, we can and will defeat this bill. The people united will never be defeated. #AdaptAndResist #NoCutsNoCaps (📷 via @nationaladapt on Twitter)

Credit to @blingblingbitch : Please share friends.
@Regrann from @slaughterhouse_survivors - Some thoughts:

Guangzhou 6.19 is a story that must be told.
It's a story about 1200 dogs that were being lead to their slaughter, and it's also about a dog that was stolen from his family and sold to an illegal meat market.
Guangzhou 6.19 a story of endless disease, death and struggle, but it's also of survival, hope and endurance.
It's a story of heartless and senseless human brutality and it's also a story of compassion, sacrifice and love.
Guangzhou 6.19 is a story that must be told because it's repeated everyday in cities across China.
Just like Guangzhou 6.19, everyday there are activists that sit on highways patrolling for Dog Meat trucks to report, with teams of volunteers ready to join in the pursuit, while other teams report these trucks to the government. They continue pursuing the trucks, putting their own lives at risk until the police arrive. They risk their lives in stand-offs until the decision is made whether or not to release the dogs to the activists.
If the dogs are successfully released then a place is secured and then volunteers, both local and foreign, pour in to give aid where needed. Beliefs, cultures and language differences melt away as everyone becomes lead by something bigger than any of those things - the fight against time to save a life, to save a thousand lives.
Volunteers and activists on the ground work around the clock without sleep and food to make sure those without a voice are given a chance at survival.
Volunteers and activists off-site also lose sleep watching and sharing the story as it unfolds, rallying support both emotional and physical.

Each role we take is no greater than the other. Together we all give a voice to the powerless and hope to the forgotten.
Guangzhou 6.19 is a story that must be told because it all can't be for nothing. There has to be an end to this. I hope one day in the near future, we will see this illegal trade come to an end and voiceless amongst us protected.

Please tell the story of Guangzhou 6.19. - #regrann .

Credit to @thefreethoughtproject : 💭
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Credit to @nashvillefeministcollective : Thinking about the healthcare bill like... #ifuckingsuck #paulryan

Credit to @hourtimenow_com : RALUTE!!!

Credit to @haroldpolitics : This kid with a pre-existing condition grew up to become the turkey-necked monster known as #MitchMcConnell is now ready to strip away healthcare from millions. Let that sink in. #GOP #Congress #Senate #SenatorMcConnell #Republicans #healthcare #ACA #ACHA #repealandreplace #repealandreplacecongress #dumpcare #TRUMPCARE #MAGA #notmypotus #notmypresident #dts #draintheswamp @mcconnellpress

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