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marte_marie_forsberg  Norwegian photographer and home cook living in the English countryside | Photography/Cooking retreats | Cookbook out Autumn 2017 by Clarkson Potter

Cold rain was whipping on the cottage windows this afternoon, so we lit the fireplace, put the kettle on and snuggled up... 'I'm not going anywhere, he said, and rolled himself up in my bed sheets like a burrito. Neither am I, I chimed in, and tucked my toes in under the duvet... #whiskeyandmoi

Many of you have emailed me in regards to my private workshops, wondering if I only do them in here in England. These one on ones are possibly some of my favorites, so I'm thrilled to announce that I'm opening up two spots for a bespoke workshop in Rome, and Milano, first week of April, and in Oslo mid May. I studied art history in Rome and loved exploring its awe inspiring cityscape, food scene and history, which will very much be incorporated into the workshops hosted there. Before my Art history studies, there was Milano and fashion design, and the city has become a second home, and I'm so excited to host one private workshop there in April. Oslo is of course my home town, and will be in full blossom in May, with that magical Scandinavian light, and exciting food scene. All workshops will have a photo location base, and trailers to you wants and needs, while using each city as a backdrop for our storytelling, and photography. More destinations and dates will follow soon, but if you're interested in a one in one workshop in the above locations email us at for more information and to book your spot. (Photo of the darling @abbie_melle during a cooking workshop in my home here in England) #mmforsbergworkshop

It's a spring like warmth to the gently wind these days, apart from the ferocious storm yesterday. The days are sunny, the hills are covered in green, and the landscape surrounding my wee countryside cottage is ever so inviting. Every day I try to go on small adventures to discover new pathways, fields, or nooks in the forest, getting to know my part of the world like it was a dear old friend. Every month I teach a limited number of private bespoke workshops on photography, styling, visual storytelling, social media, marketing and branding, and I absolutely adore sharing this little corner of England with them. Last week darling Victoria @victoriaschiopetto and I spent two days together, and this week the ever so lovely Tammy behind @wildbunchflowers came for a two day workshop. We wander the hills, pile into an old Land Rover (thank you Jess) and head off for bespoke adventures. Needless to say, I always look forward to these intense days, working one on one with someone on their career and dreams. I think I perhaps quote my parents more often than not during these workshops, and secretly wonder if the most useful education I ever received, was never really from any of my university degrees, but in fact at home with my family. #mmforsbergworkshop #stourheadgarden @nationaltrust

When I first moved to England, I worked with the lovely American clothing brand @cuyana on a few campaigns. Photographing their cashmere from Scotland, and lifestyle in London, and then later in Rome, and in my wonky cottage in the countryside. I fell in love with their simple philosophy that fewer is better, quality over quantity, and creating essentials that every woman need in their wardrobe. This Spring they are finally adding international shipping to their site, making it ever so easy to get their effortless look anywhere in the world. They were one of the first companies I worked with when I had just started out as a photographer, and I treasure looking back at the campaigns we've shot together, still seeing my images pop up in print and on their site. Thank heavens there are people who believe in you when you're just starting out, helping you find your footing and carve out a career for yourself. #whenpeopleopendoors #itsallaboutthejourney

My local fishmonger suggested Black Sea Bream last time I popped by. I was looking for something new, something I hadn't cooked with before. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to food, and love re exploring the familiar, rather than venturing off into uncharted territories, so every now and then I need a friendly nudge in the right direction to go out of my comfort zone. Black Sea Bream, he repeated, and pointed at the beautiful blue fish in front of me. It's scales are rather thick so they need to be removed but I don't mind. I've descaled and gutted fish since I was a little girl going out with our little boat fishing in the wee morning hours with my dad, or helping my mum rinse the daily catch that our local fishmonger Elias, where I grew up in Norway, would drop off on his blue moped. But I've never cooked with Sea bream. Maybe next time, I said as I packed up the scallops I'd bought. However, this morning I found the most delicious sounding recipe by @ottolenghi and I can't wait to pick up a few Sea breams on Friday. Whole black bream with pine nuts and lemon, simply had me at hello...

Today I baked. It was the kind of day that needed freshly baked goods to come out of the oven like a well oiled production line. I made bread, another batch of my red wine brownies (recipe coming soon to my sleepy blog) and finished the day off with a fluffy and crisp Yorkshire pudding. As I nibbled on the still warm bread, slathered in salted Normandy butter, I edited images from last week's private workshop, where this darling little girl enjoyed a messy baking session of her very own. This is were it starts, I thought to myself, right there, as we play, with no need for it to become anything more than a sticky messy dough. When life gets busy, I tighten up, I get serious, forget things, have a short temper and fall asleep worrying about tomorrow. However, when I allow myself to play, my shoulders rest, I laugh more often than not, I give hugs freely, I'm more patient, and I fall asleep with a smile. "Remember to play" I wrote on a post-it note and stuck it to the blue wall above my desk...remember to play... #thisisnotadressrehersal #remembertoplay #mmforsbergworkshop

I look at women differently these days. I examine their faces as they talk, perhaps more so now than ever, as I can see it in my own reflection in the mirror, that time has passed. Fine lines map their way from my face to my heart. I have lived. I look at my friends, family and strangers, as we lean in for a warm embrace, dive in to excited conversation over a glass of wine, wander in the woods one late afternoon, or pass each other on the street. They are all so beautiful. Yet, I struggle at days, to accept that I too will grow old, that my face too will grow more and more defined lines, and that even if they are warm nods to our time here on earth, those lines are also a way we as women judge each other. I do it too. I judge myself perhaps even more. Perhaps I didn't drink enough water, I should've stayed out of the sun, or peeled my face at least twice a week. But then I look at my mother, who at 76 look more elegant and beautiful than ever, with clear and visible lines of a life lived in the sun, gardening, hiking in whipping cold winds to the top of a mountain, of sleepless nights with young children, and of happy smiles, and tears of heartache. I wonder if she on a daily basis feels as beautiful as we all find her to be. Her style, her grace, her elegance, her warmth, her hard work and her patience. It's all there in the way she looks and carries herself. I wonder what I'll tell my own little daughter one day, of how to prepare for the many changes a woman's body goes through in her lifetime. But then I see the face of my mother in my minds eye, her body all wrapped up in a wool blanket seated outside in early spring, exposing and arching her face closer to the sun, with a delightful smile on her face. She doesn't have to tell me how to embrace life or how to grow older, because she shows it everyday with how she chooses to embrace life, and live it to the fullest... @cuyana #essentialwomen #yvonneforsberg

Waking up with baking on my mind. I'm craving chocolate, and because I have half a bottle of a lovely wine from yesterday's dinner, I'm thinking red wine brownies. Silky, smooth and ever so naughty, but then's the weekend! I love cooking with wine, but rarely bake with it, but these brownies will get deep sweet notes from the wine, and it is an ever so essential ingredient. Do you bake with wine too? What is your favorite baked wine treat? Also, I absolutely adore this little white milk pouring jug. Thank you @illyriapottery for the adorable surprise present!

These two! Having such a glorious time teaching a two day private workshop for the lovely @victoriaschiopetto from the Argentinian children's magazine @revistacocoa Our lovely models from yesterday's shoot, Jess and Iris, where spot on adorable. #mmforsbergworkshop Get a peek into the shoot by clicking on my profile photo for behind the scene Instagram story.

Some days simply call for warm home made bread straight out of the oven, and butter, golden slatherable butter... #thatsall

A cold spell swept through the countryside this weekend. So I bundled up and went exploring. Frost on the ground and snow in the air. Every thatched cottage i passed had received a gentle white coat of dusting. I consider myself more spiritual than religious, and no matter where I am in the world, I oftentimes seek out old churches and quiet nooks to just sit in, and listen. And in a small nearby village, I found this beauty. I took a seat and watched my breath turn to a frosty smoke as I exhaled everything that weighed me down last week. I crave these pockets of peace, of quiet and of being alone to hear my own thoughts, and to reconnect with my dreams and hopes, that may feel somewhat distant and even lost at times, in the loud volume of the many voices of the world around... Where do you go to reconnect, or pause?

This morning we eagerly opened the shutters and watched light snowflakes dance around in the cold air outside. Mr Whiskey was ever so excited. With paws on the windowsill, he leaned in, and I held him tight. The air was void of sound as snow fell from the sky. Downstairs @thecompasses was serving breakfast, so we quickly got dressed and took a seat by the fire to stay warm on this cold day. Mr Whiskey chose to stay in bed all snuggled up, while we warmed our hands on a cup of camomile tea, listening to the sound of cutlery against porcelain from the fellow breakfast guests, and watched the damp logs spit furious golden hot pearls, before drying out and properly catching fire... #staycationisthenewvacation #thecompassesinn #whiskeyandmoi