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marte_marie_forsberg  Norwegian photographer and author, living in the English countryside | Photography/Cooking retreats | Cookbook out Autumn 2017 by Clarkson Potter

With fog and rain on the horizon I sat down at my desk overlooking the rooftops of my wee countryside town. There's an available space at the allotment just up the street from me, and I began drawing up my future vegetable patch. Two years ago, I promised myself to get my hands dirty and get digging on my very own kitchen garden that could keep me well stocked at least during the summer. While the lovely husband and wife team behind @foxandfavour filmed my latest online Food and lifestyle photography class for @skillshare two years ago, we visited @hevdawg in her green and ever so charming allotment. Her cake baking is magical, and so of course so is here garden! It had a wonky little shed just big enough for a little camp stovetop where she brewed cups of strong coffee, as we filmed her green patch with possible the most stunning views in all of Shaftesbury. As the sun set, we sat down and warmed our hands on her ever so tasty butternut squash and chorizo stew that had been bubbling away in the background. It may be a bit late in the season, but at least I have a patch of my own now, and I'm eager to get planting! Artichokes are a must, and so are carrots, beetroot, tomatoes and parsnips, my list is long, and it's hard to choose just a few. If you had to narrow it down to three, what would your top three must haves in your vegetable garden be? #Springgarden #myallotment #skillshare

The magnolia trees are eagerly budding these days. Arching their baby flowers towards the warm sun. It's Spring in the air, the wind is mild and ballet flats are a must. My little countryside town is blossoming. The local florist @tedmartinflowers has the most beautiful flowers spilling into the streets, the local deli @tisbury_deli has the last few ingredients for my cherry and chocolate cake with red wine glacing I'm making this afternoon, and @beckfordbottles has the much needed wine. However, when all fails, and all I want is a bit of crisp fried fish, every town has their Fish and Chips shop here in England, and so does mine too. I'd love to perfect a good fish and chips recipe myself. But thus far, it's all hanging on getting the right crisp yet tasty batter. Do you make your own fish and chips, or do you too indulge in a naughty treat from the shop down the street or local pub? I hear the @thecompasses do a very good one. #myenglishcountryside myenglishcountryside

His love for scotch has slowly introduced me to a world of smokey, malty and oaky, that was previously quite unfamiliar terrain to me. You have to taste this, he exclaimes excitedly as he comes home with a new bottle of scotch. He likes his straight up, and I like mine on the rocks, either way, scotch is a magical world of flavors and aromas not to be missed, both in drinks and in cooking. Try adding it to a simple caramel frosting to go with your chocolate cake, or whip it in with your cream as a side for poached pears. It never fails to add those needed extra notes of magic. #LoveScotch #ad

With grey skies and loud rain tapping on the roof, it's time for lunch, the simple, yet ever so tasty kind. Take one happy free range local chicken, butter and season. Fill it with herbs, onions and lemon wedges, and stuff the skin with more butter and a very generous helping of freshly sliced truffles. Dice seasonal vegetables and fruits, and coat them in olive oil before seasoning. Throw it all in a large baking dish and put it in the oven to roast. Make sure you baste the chicken with the succulent juice gathering at the bottom of the dish regularly. Pop your favorite Pinot Noir, and that's it, lunch is served! #raincallsforcomfortfood #truffleroastchicken

Wedging himself in anywhere he can, to get closer to the action, Mr Whiskey is almost as excited as I am for our upcoming Flower, Food and Photography retreat here in the English countryside. My mother is flying in on Sunday to begin preparing, fine tuning old family recipes for our picnic by the river, and for her baking session, while making a few more aprons. She makes them from vintage Swedish linen that she finds in little brocantes and markets on her road trips to Stockholm with dad. They are a beautiful handmade part of our retreat. It always makes me so happy to be using the very same B&B for our participants during their stay, that I've used ever since I arrived in the area about four years ago. The Retreat B&B in Shaftesbury, just a stone throw from the famous Gold Hill, where Sheena and Bernard have created a lovely and warm atmosphere, that makes it feel like a home away from home. Lately there has been a warm spring wind in the air, and wild garlic is covering the grounds around the farm we'll be based during the retreat, and I simply cannot wait to share this beautiful area with our participants. Even the local butcher is excited, providing us with his special honey, that I not only use in my ginger and lemon tea, but as a face mask too! Works wonders both ways;) #mmforsbergworkshop

On Fridays, before embarking on a good food journey in the kitchen, that eventually results in supper for friends, I oftentimes take a seat by my desk to plan the meal ahead with my favorite single malt scotch in hand. I'm rather spontaneous by nature and shun routine, yet this weekly predictable tradition, runs like a golden heartbeat through these fridays, and is a rhythm and routine I treasure. #ad #LoveScotch

Picking up freshly baked bread this morning and donning a blue and white "summer" dress for the very first time. I may be tempting the weather gods by this feisty behavior, so hopefully it doesn't begin to rain as I type! Should you be looking for a wee weekend away not knowing where to go? Here are a few of my local favorites: @at_the_chapel in Bruton, @thebeckfordarms and @thecompasses in Tisbury, @themuseuminn in Farnham and @thetalbotinn in Mells outside Frome. I'm headed to Chichester for the weekend, does anyone have a favorite pub to recommend?Wishing you all a lovely weekend! #weekendfun #myfavorites

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went walking by the river with our dogs. The sun was setting and there was a slight chill in the air. Mr Whiskey swam like a fish, followed by his friend Gus, a big teddy bear of a dog, the size of a small pony. We took a seat on the bench and watched them swim. People may come and go in our lives, but some friendships stay, and become rocks in which we build our lives on. And perhaps that's true for dogs too. Mr Whiskey is possible the cheekiest monkey out there, but all snuggled up by my feet in the kitchen as I cook, or sitting next to me on a green slope, contemplating life's big questions after a long walk in the woods, his company makes me feel connected. The current political situation around the world seems to sway in directions that aim to disconnect us. To promote a feeling of us against them, of outsiders and insiders. This divide is a harmful in so many ways, and I hope that we don't buy into this way of thinking. We need each other, we need diversity, we need strangers that become friends, and we need to feel connected... #thursdaymusingscontinues #throwbacktolastsummer #whiskeyandi

I opened the rooftop window this morning. The many old slated rooftops of my little town seemed asleep, engulfed in a light haze. Above them all in the distance, the rolling green hills created gentle curves on the horizon line, and this favored Alice in Wonderland quote came to mind from when Alice come to a crossroad in the woods and sees a cat in the tree.
Cat: Where are you going?
Alice: Which way should I go?
Cat: That depends on where you are going.
Alice: I don’t know.
Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go. #thursdaymusings #aliceinwonderland

Little beats impromptu cocktail parties on the tail end of a delicious dinner with friends, or on random weekdays when friends show up blissfully uninvited.
He's a passionate mixologist, so while I hang my apron up for the day, he dons his trusted waistcoat, rolls up the sleeves of his shirt and excitedly gets to work! Some of our favorite cocktails often include a healthy smidge of scotch. Do you have a favorite drink with scotch in it? #LoveScotch #Ad

With grey clouds hovering outside, threatening to break out in rain, I desperately needed a bit of sunshine, and luckily found it on @eminchilli 's instastories, which of course left me yearning for pasta... I'm craving Rome today, and it hit me like a fist in the stomach. I studied art history there through the University of Oslo, which is situated right above charming Trastevere, and next to the American Institute in Rome, which is where Elisabeth Minchilli was today. She's a Rome based author and writer, and has quite the beautiful repertoire of inspiring books under her belt. She's also behind the EAT ITALY apps, that I oftentimes use when I travel in Italy. Luckily we've just bought tickets to Rome and will be there the first week in April! Do you sometimes miss a city or place so much it hurts? We'll that's me yearning for Rome today, so of course I had to make myself a simple lunch pasta dish from what I had in the pantry. #yearningforplaces #myrome

Mr Whiskey is all snuggled up by my feet, and I'm scribbling down the menu for the upcoming Flower, Food and Photography retreat in just over two weeks. My mother suggested we bake her salmon specialty, and both I and the local fish monger agreed. He'll source the salmon, and I'll pick the necessary herbs. On the phone with my mother yesterday, we talked recipes. She had been baking one of my favorite cakes, adjusting her recipe to accommodate the upcoming retreat group, and I told her wild garlic was now in season. You must make your pesto, she eagerly suggested, and I said I would, and that I'd pickle the budding flowers for her to take home, and perhaps serve with her baked salmon? It will be a lovely addition, she coaxed. The kettle whistled just as we hung up the phone, so I steeped dried chamomile flowers, and stirred in some creamy honey from the local butcher's personal supply. Planning, creating and anticipating is such an exciting part of running these retreats and workshops. #mmforsbergworkshop #afternoontea

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