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Marta  Twit: martathemartian CW | Elite Miami NYC | Freedom LA | Premier London

Workin with @missguided last time I was in London ( sorry for the screenshot off the computer ) 😁

Music recommendations ? Photo by @maxthompson

Shout out to all the foreign parents that would rub you in Vicks products when you were sick @jesseherzog

My favorite comedian is Chris D'Elia, if you haven't watched the stand up where he makes fun of what guys post when they go to the gym then you are missing out, it's the funniest thing I have ever heard. Photo by @bartlomiejkurela

This is how every mom looks when you come home past curfew. Photo by @ethangulley

My emotional state right now is like rainbow road in Mario kart. Photo by @cameron__mackie 🐫

My job is so weird like sometimes I'm like I can't believe this is what I'm gunna be doing today, yesterday with @thelastlinela jewelry ( I am wearing nipple covers so nothing to see )

Here is a basic Instagram photo with a burger #relatable @ay.lexis

When I was 11 years old I was still playing with legos and watching Hannah Montana, I wasn't taking ass pics in the mirror and doing my make up like a 25 year old. What is wrong with this planet !! Film shot by @rp_goldenfotos

Man I loved the new spider man so much. Polaroid shot by @chuckodong

Going to a party with Micheal Scott would be the ultimate dream. Working with @asos x @obeyclothing

Honestly, pants are my favorite thing.

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