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Marta Mielczarska 🇵🇱  📚NASM CPT and FNS 👊🏼@bodybossmethod babe 👙NQ bikini competitor Train with me👇🏼


Happy Saturday !!! I was just wondering if somebody can explain to me why I sleep 12 h a day even though I have a crap ton of things to do ?! I went to bed at 12 am last night and woke up at 12.40 pm today ...(no I did not party and yeah I know maybe setting up an alarm clock would be a good idea 💡lol ! ) anyways hope you have a fun weekend ❤️❤️

One of my favorite leg / booty exercises! Make sure you go low and focus on squeezing that bum ! Once you get that form (and balance) down add dumbbells and try to go as heavy as you can without sacrificing your form ! Your bum will thank you but you may not be able to walk for a few days (like me today🙈) 🍑🍑🍑
You are welcome ❤️❤️❤️
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So much fun with the girls @celestelane @brittanieluce @maddie.dorrell and @bodybossmethod !! You don't need equipment just grab your friends and go sweat it out !!! 💦💦💦Get your @bodybossmethod guide and workout anywhere, anytime and burn those calories ! #BodyBoss #BossEffect

Since it's humpday and I have three more exams to go and I wish I could just sit at the beach and do nothing 😩 what are you up to today ? 💕💕
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Human body is so interesting ...🤔I had a 3 day break from working out ...(I know that's insane for me ) and yesterday I worked out for the first time ..and guess what..I cannot move today . it feels good to feel sore but come on 🙄feeling like a granny today 👵🏼 + exams are killing me mentally so I guess I will just die ⚰️
Wearing @publicmyth 💪🏼
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I did not make it to my regular @STRONGbyZumba class this weekend as I was in Vegas so I took the class outside ! It targets your entire body and will make you burn kcal even after you are done ! All the moves are sync to the music and it is so much fun! Give it a try! You can message me if you need information where to find the class around Oceanside !#SBZ #FeelEveryBeat #Sp

Who is in Vegas today ?!?! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Well I woke up 4 hours too late but I made it 😂 ready to have some fun 💃🏼
Ps I am obsessed with this @neuapparel outfit ! So cute and comfy ! 😍😍

Going to Vegas tomorrow morning !! 😱💃🏼Who else is going to be there for Olympia ? Also which clubs do you recommend ?
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Partner workout with @brittanieluce and @bodybossmethod !! You don't need equipment and I guarantee you will sweat like crazy 💦💦💦Get your @bodybossmethod guide and workout anywhere and anytime ! #BodyBoss #BossEffect

Well all I can say that @STRONGbyZumba is in my routine now!! It is such a fun way to get your cardio in and so much more effective! The music is synced to each move and it targets your entire body ! Doing an hour of treadmill is boring and an hour of @strongbyzumba goes by fast as it's so much fun and you will be left soaking wet and burning crazy amount of kcal ! Try it ! #STRONGbyZumba #FeelEveryBeat #SweatToTheBeat #Sp

There is so many images all over the internet that are highly edited and present bodies that are UNACHIEVABLE. Yet many girls look at those pictures and dream that they looked like this . They are working their a** off , diet , workout and they do not see the results that are presented in those pictures because simply those results do not exist and are just a creation of an editing app. I catch myself very often looking at pictures of girls and dreaming that my waist was so tiny and my butt bigger than it is...all of that can create body dysmorphia which further can be a cause of eating disorders, that are extremely dangerous and often fatal. Not only that but girls spend thousands of dollars on booty programs created by girls who edit the pictures or simply got some work done . It is sad and not fair...
Be real ladies and love yourself the way you are ! Without abs or with abs. With cellulite on your butt and with stretch marks . We are all beautiful and we shouldn't be fooled by others. Work hard and eat healthy and the results will come!!! 💕💕💕💕

Hey hi hello ! How is your weekend going??? I woke up early today to do a HIIT class , now catching up on some school work and than going to train legs !!! I realized that working out in the morning works so much better for me than working out later on during the day ! It wakes me up and I feel energized allllll daaayyy looong! 🌞🌞🌞
@arsenic @bartlomiejkurela
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