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Flower debris in the studio.

A little Irish moss rainbow from Block Island in August.

From a really lovely Saturday, a little while back. Always feels good to take inspiration from one of Rome's incredibly many green spaces.

Reds and golds to greet Autumn. A piece of Irish moss pressed into paper saturated with ink made from Canadian Goldenrod and Staghorn Sumac from @torontoinkcompany

One section of another seaweed print. When using inks, I often find it's the details that have the most to say.

The shift from Summer to Autumn.

Rewinding a little bit to the seaweed I collected for prints when it was fresh from the water. Some of the greenest green I've seen, and a wider range of colors than I'd expected.

First attempt at a seaweed print using @torontoinkcompany Staghorn Sumac ink. I got less definition of the seaweed's form but it was nice to see the texture and gradation of color.

As if someone spilled ink in the cracks.

Seaweed no.3, 31 x 41 cm or 12 x 16 in. The colors you see are from @torontoinkcompany Sap Green layered with Canadian Goldenrod and a little drop of Lamp Black. Land and sea together on paper.

The visual impact of this place never lessens.

Seaweed print no.2, 31 x 41 cm or 12 x 16 in. Made with @torontoinkcompany inks.

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